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Best Friends In Love

by Dr. Billi Dixon, DD New Website Launch
Dr. Billi Dixon, DD Advanced   New Website Launch
“Best Friends In Love”

Joy is in the simple things: touching,
Embracing, chattering on for hours about nothing,
Sure of your place within another's heart.

Simple things: like coming home knowing
exactly where the treasure lies; like being
at ease with what you do and who you are;

Needing what you already have; accepting,
Desiring what you have been given; feeling
The gratitude of someone who is loved;

Investing goodness instead of money; giving
for the pleasure of giving pleasure; seeing
Fortune come to take you in its arms.

All this joy is yours for the price of loving,
Not only well but long, days of willing,
Years and years of wise and patient love.

Best Friends In Love!

Dr. Billi Dixon, DD

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Oct 18th 2007 23:50


Phyllis Belden Advanced   
Hi Bill
Thanks for adding to my poetry corner.
Your contribution is sweet and sensitive. Just what the world needs now.
Feel free to add more .

Phyllis Belden
Oct 19th 2007 11:41   
Lee Parent Advanced   
The feeling of being "in love" is absolutely wonderful. For many people, however, the feeling is so intense that they back away from it. For some, conflict is a way of protecting themselves from the intensity of love. When we are "in love" we are "floating on air" so to speak. Eventually we come back to earth. True love endures the trials of "coming down" and only when we are on our feet and stable can we be certain that we are truely in love. We can be sure then that when conflict occurs as it surely will, that our love is secured. We do not have to be afraid of closeness or conflict. When we are best friends our love endures through thick and thin.

Knowing you as I do Dr. Billi, I have no doubts that you are a person who has his feet on the ground and that your love is true.

Lee Parent
Oct 20th 2007 10:08   
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