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question on website review

by Steve D. Advertising and promotion field
Steve D. Advanced   Advertising and promotion...
how do you input site into worthreferral?
Feb 1st 2016 12:23


Morish B. Committed   business
You can add your own site where you control the admin panel, you are allowed to host your files.

Visit the worthreferral site and put your site address which you own, do not use sub domains on top search box and hit the button. You will see the summary if someone reviewed it before you see their reviews if not there will be nothing.

Now see right side bar, below website stats. Three links are there "click here if you own this site" hit the link and you will be redirected to next page where you have to download a file and upload to main folder not to any folder.

Upload the file and come back to worthreferral then click verify button.

See the image : imgur.com/a/maROw
Feb 2nd 2016 01:44    Edited in Feb 2nd 2016 01:55
Radek Vyskovsky Magnate I   Social Media
Just search for your website on Worthreferral and your site will be added :o)
Feb 4th 2016 06:46   
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