GPT Sites that Work!

Stop In, Say "HI"!

by Sandy A
Sandy A Advanced  
Feel free to use this topic to introduce yourself and say hi :) Are you members of any GPT sites already? If so, which ones? What's you're favorite site if you could only pick one?

You get the gist of where I'm!

Welcome to the GPT Sites group!
Sep 25th 2007 11:04


rakesh Advanced   

I know one site which is paying.
And I have got paid many time ffrom this.

Here is the link
Sep 28th 2007 02:24   
Sandy A Advanced   
Welcome Rakesh! Thanks for joining my club! I haven't seen that site before, but it's always nice to read that people actually get paid vs. just saying "join and make millions"!

I see you requested to become administrator of this club too. I'm still new here and not sure what that actually means, but I will research it and let you know.

Sep 28th 2007 10:41   
rakesh Advanced   
Its ok. I am also new here.
Sep 29th 2007 14:02   
Sherri-Anne Myers Committed   Ladystrange Lingerie
Hello. I am Sherri
I am a Marketing Pond Junky. I love this program
I also have a group for gpt news here you are wlecome to post your link with any related news.
I do not wish to spam your group. It is hard to introduce your self without telling someone what you do on the web.
Oct 15th 2007 14:48   
Sandy A Advanced   
Hi Sheri,
I know what you! No worries here :)

Man, I just joined Marketing Pond last week...I should have!
Oct 15th 2007 21:10   
Sherri-Anne Myers Committed   Ladystrange Lingerie
Darn, Oh well. It is great program though. I f you need any help let me know.
Oct 15th 2007 21:28   
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