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This business is already saturated with apsense users, are u stll out or in?

by shyam
shyam Senior  
"The secret of success in network marketing is to go where everyone is going and get there first".-.

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The Fast Start Bonus is not paid monthly, weekly, or even daily - it is paid as soon as you earn it!

Power Pool Revenue Share:
This is paid out early in the plan so all new Affiliates' costs can be covered very quickly.

Generation Bonus:
Paid on turnover to the company and paid through 7 levels, with infinity bonus for business builders at the higher levels.

100% Matching Bonus:
Paid on each and every personally sponsored Affiliate. That means you earn what they earn on their generation bonus, even when they are placed in your team. A very powerful element of the plan.

Promotional Bonus: Unique cash incentive paid as you move up the plan. It accumulates from when you join and is released when you move up the plan levels – very clever!

And more to be released.

The plan is designed to have around 70-75% payout!

This is a unique time with a unique company, a unique product, and a unique Pay Plan. VWD is at the leading edge, ahead of the wave and YOU are in the right place at the right time. What you do with it is up to you, but we are not waiting for you. This is a first mover advantage so don’t miss it.

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This is the most transparent system that I have seen ever they have a phone number too and our team is the best led by top internet marketer in the world Parviz Parzi, after you pre-register for free you will be directed to the free online conferences that he conducts for our team, such kind of support even in pre-launch is unheard of, plus the payplan is such which has never before been seen in the industry with bonus which goes upto infinite levels for business builders at the higher levels so this concept is much stronger than GDIi or SFI or any other concept that has come out. If you want to see how many people attended their presentation in UK, have a look at this video, you will be shocked

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Sep 12th 2007 22:29


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