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What about the idea to earn some $$ just for leaving your PC on, network connected ?

by Pedro M. Marketer
Pedro M. Professional Marketer
About this project you can find positive reviews here: all 5 stars review here: ( and in many other websites.

I have won $100 with 0 investment just by trying it out.

Basically, This Company wants to create the biggest super computer ever, by joinning in "cloud" the processing power (Threads) of our CPUs (300 000 machines so far in only 2/3 months).

So you get payed just for leaving alone your PC/Laptop network connected.

So i signed up for the trial Thread, installed the program (uses 10% CPU with low memory requests), and in my WIFE and Mothers PCs too...

Then i got at the end of the Month $100 (30+(30+20%)+(30+20%)).
This money i now re-invested in buying 2 Threads (50 each) that will give me a monthly profit of 60 for 12 Months.
we can have a maximum of 100 Threads per PC.

the refferal commissions are: 20% (1st Level), 10% (2nd)

join free here:
Jul 18th 2013 18:39


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