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How do I post more than one link in a post?

I was trying to put two links in my post, but I could only put one in. Is there some way to put multiple links?
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If I decide to join just one business as a Paid member, which one will you recommend?

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Money from travel and dream travel??Is it perfect...???/? I need to share my dreams with moe and more people.
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What is difference between Brother and Friend?

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Can i convert credit balance to cash balance in apsense account?

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Can anyone give a little feedback on JustBeenPaid, is it working out for you?

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Do you use facebook and twitter to advertise your business products ?

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How Do you Think About Wazzub?

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If something sounds too good to be true, what would be the first thing you need to do?

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What is differeance beetween PPCand CPC?

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