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Is it possible to 'pause' and 'restart' the campaigns?

After working with few campaigns of mine, I found that the campaigns can be stopped. My question is whether it is possible to restart it again? And also add few more credits or clicks which we decided...
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Contacting God Particle In Us?

How to contact the god particle in us the source of all energy ?
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Why is working from home so difficult?

I am up at 5am and usually work online until 10pm. I work with a lot of different sites and have registered with several affiliate programs but still I can not seem to make over $200 a month. What am ...
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How to implement Reviews on BMC?

On the BMC it is said that the reviews are coming from 'worthreferral'... hhhmmm? How does this work? How can I integrate/transfer my reviews to BMC? Thanks a million for your help!
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What are the way to make Honor points?

i have now few honor points but i don't know exactly how points add. so can anyone help me plz........
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How can i start business?

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How can i convert credits balance to cash balance?

Please tell me clearly.
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Yes,revenge is not good...?

How the effectively way to eliminate the sense of revenge?
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Have you visited prosourcingplus yet?

Check Your Invitation to Shop Now for Retail and Travel at on mobile at
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When going international with your business, what motivates you to invest in countries of choice?

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