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Sd card is write protected, how to solve this issue?

I cannot delete any content from my SD card and not able to cut paste d content as well.
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Should I use Windows 7 or Windows 8?

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How can i earn credits on

Hello, few days back i joined here. I like this a lot. But i don't know where the proper usage of this website? Can anyone help me?
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I get this message when I click Home. Can anybody tell me what I supposed to do?.?

You have not added any role. Please click here to add your roles.
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Have you ever been the victim to data loss?

If you have, please reply with your experience. And if you havent, visit and read my article and prevent it f...
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How safe is the use of Google Crome?

I think it is safe.
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How many pixels has a page A4 ?

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Keyboard of Computer?

Is it possible to operate fully computer by keyboard without any help of mouse???
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What is the differrence between a pc,a pc tablet,a laptop,a pc notebook and smart phones?

There are different names taking the rounds on the internet for electronic gadgets confusing the whole scenario and making it difficult to understand and make a choice a clearer non techie definition ...
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Can someone tell me how to take a picture of my screen?

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