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Which operating system are you using?

XP, Seven, Eight, Ubuntu, any other
71 answer(s).

Which is best technology in the world?

6 answer(s).

Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox?

Which browser you would recommend and why?
40 answer(s).

Is Ubuntu and Linux is same?

is Ubuntu and Linux is same?
8 answer(s).

Which antivirus are you using?

Vipre Antivirus Trend Micro Titanium G DATA AntiVirus ESET Nod32 Antivirus Avira AntiVirus Premium AVG Anti-Virus Norton AntiVirus Webroot AntiVirus Kaspersky Anti-Virus BitDefender Antivirus ...
23 answer(s).

Anybody know command in window to open Task Manager Directly?

21 answer(s).

Where would I find the best information to install a 10-person PC network?

I need also to know about security, download control, how to block sites, and for the lowest cost possible. This is for a friend who needs to learn to teach that. Thanks!
7 answer(s).

Is anyone here using GIMP 2.8 for photo editing?

I just started using GIMP 2.8 for photo editing is anyone here using it also?
6 answer(s).

How Do You Rate Windows 8?

Hi, Fellows, I want to That How you rate Windows 8 as a PC User. Any Comment will be appreciable.
24 answer(s).

How can i get my apsense cash balance in my account ?

Hi i am john smith and i want to know that how i get my cash into my account .
6 answer(s).