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Windows XP Ends Support April 8, 2014?

What does it mean to ME that Windows will no longer support my computer that I love that I have XP on? I also have a computer that has Vista.. is that one also going to be effected.. I hate change... ...
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How many know the correct full form of COMPUTER?

Test your knowledge with this question....extendcode
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Does anyone know have a website creator?

does anyone have a website to create a website?.. if yo udo can yo upost them here so that i can create my website
7 answer(s).

Which is BEST freeware video making software?

I want to make promotional videos so i can referrals to upload on Youtube. so that's why i want FREEWARE softwares from which I can make great videos. also want to know sites from where i can get CO...
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Do you like ebooks or Hard copy books..?

E books are now our best friends.It makes us free from carrying physical books.So they are really a good companion .But some people still love hard copied books .If you like computer books then here i...
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How to get Cash Balance of Apsense in self account?

Hi, Members of Apsense any one can give me idea how to get cash balance of Apsense in self account.
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What is the best medium priced Laptop on the market today?

Am thinking of purchasing one and would like to hear your ideas on it.
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How I can delete temp file from pc ?

I have a problem to run my pc due to this temp file. Pl tell me how I can delet files. about 70,000 file I will find from serach. out of that 50% temp file I think,
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Does a computer have to be hooked up to the internet to be able to display pictures on a flash drive?

I know nothing about how a computer works.. so I am hoping that someone will be able to help me with the answer to this silly BASIC question that I have NO CLUE what the answer might be is... I want t...
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How do we promote our youtube channel?

I want to make my video on the top of its search term in yoututbe. How can I do?
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