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I have to click my mouse several times before it will work?

I am having a terrible time getting my mouse to move when I click it... it is like my computer does not recognize it... I not only changed the batteries.. I bought a new mouse and still the same thing...
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Do you like working with a tablet computer? Do you like it better than a laptop or desktop computer?

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What is rensomeware virus?

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Ransomware is the beginning of Cyber Attack whole World?

Ransomware is the beginning of Cyber Attack whole World?
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How do i connect my canon printer with my wireless router?

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How to improve google map ranking?

hi friends plz tell me how to improve google map ranking?
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Tell Me Best Games for PC and Laptop?

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Which is the best laptop brand?

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Computer Screen goes black for a bit?

Hey Hey Hey it is me... NON TECKY Cindy... for the past week or so my computer screen randomly will turn black. it starts in one area and then moves to another until the entire screen is black... It ...
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Who want to increase Facebook page likes?

I want to increase followers on my page. Kindly like my page & share your page on coment section, so i can like yours. My FB Page-
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