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How to earn credits in apsense?

I just want to know the methods to earn credits by staying active on apsense.
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Can someone write content for me?

can you write content for my escort themes websites? I need articles on unique topics. How Much charge for 1000 words.
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I don't like to work on Monday WHAT ABOUT YOU?

This is the day when you all come to the office for work this the very slow day as I think. what's your opinion?
14 answer(s).

How to improve my marketing business?

Please tell me everyone, how to grow my business to easily.
12 answer(s).

Which is the best Guest Blogging Website?

16 answer(s).

Which is the best forum website?

20 answer(s).

Whis is the top brand of Denim Jeans ?

Plz suggest top brand of Jeans as we are looking for.
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Do you allow your workers to entertain themselves while working?

"Entertain" meaning browsing through social media sites or listening to youtube while working.
7 answer(s).

Which do you think is more effective between digital marketing and traditional marketing?

With how the virtual world is right now, there are a lot of marketing going on between the two platforms. But which one would you want to use?
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Would you have an interest in a world wide business opportunity?

Some business opportunities are limited to just one country.... While there are many opportunities out there, would you choose a world wide business and why?
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