Why we need naked????????????

Asked by Liker L., in Arts & Crafts


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haha.. Nice Question.. you want naked coz u want natural things coz whole life u spend as artifitialy..
Jun 15th 2014 01:28   
Jonny T. Professional   Webmaster and Traffic Generator
It has its place but definitely not in public. :p
Jun 15th 2014 03:02   
Liker L. Magnate I    ***
All do it . but not talk about it
Jun 19th 2014 00:04   
Chris Manlunas Freshman  Webmaster
It makes you become aware of your physicality
Jun 23rd 2014 10:35   
Robert Hebel Magnate II   Website Owner
There is people this past weekend who did a bike ride 10 miles up in Wisconsin. To each is his own then I found out they do it every year all around the United States Europe and other parts of the world. There is nothing wrong with it we were all brought into this world naked and if that is what people want to do then just do it.
Jun 23rd 2014 18:29   
eric charlie bien t. Professional   internet marketer and service
Mr ROBERT Hebel I support your speech that are true
Jun 25th 2014 06:39   
Liker L. Magnate I    ***
We must not afraid about what we do
Jun 25th 2014 11:16   
Edita C. Professional   Networker
I don´t fully understand the question. If it is why we don´t go naked, I would answer. I have nothing against it on priciple. We come to this world naked so there is nothing against it from God.
For me to go naked would be an offense to the eyes of the onlookers. Unfortunatly there are more like me than like models. The other inconvinient is the cold in winter and the burns in summer.
On all accounts keep covered!!!
Jun 27th 2014 05:42   
Yogesh Shinde Professional Be a solopreneur
I don't know the exact answer because I didn't get the exact question.
Jul 9th 2014 02:43   
Tunde Obasemola Committed  Affiliate Marketer
To go naked is not natural. Even God had to cover Adam and Eve with animal skin when he sent them out of the garden of Eden. Animals are covered with hair to cover their nakedness. Even snakes have scales and other reptiles have one form of covering and the other. Do you ever think about snails and tortoise with their coverings. Man is degenerating and it is happy about it. Nakedness is abnormality. So it is not godly to go naked apart from the fact it is offensive to behold.
Jul 10th 2014 06:32   
Brian Murphy Senior   Murphy's Graphic Shirt Shop
Lol... hmmm... freedom
Jul 29th 2014 19:10   
Simex Pedro Committed   Lighting Specialist
people are naked nature
Dec 8th 2014 18:39   
Jonny T. Professional   Webmaster and Traffic Generator
Naked is natural within nature. We do NOT as humans live in nature. We have created our own environment through progression.. this is not nature, therefore clothing came with this progression.
If a man was naked and approached my son, I wouldn't say thats natural, I would say thats sicks and unethical.
Dec 8th 2014 18:46   
My Network Magnate II   #1 Home Business
We need NAKED because it was the GARDEN. Where we come from, guess your not innocent anymore. Howd that happen? ? Big mystery.
Dec 30th 2017 00:44   
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