Who is your favorite Author?

Asked by Stephan Nell, in Book Reviews
I am addicted to Geoffrey Deaver and Robert Patterson.


TamaraV Kane Magnate I   Stock Market Trader
E.L. James.........50 Shades of
Aug 16th 2013 04:51   
SANJAY K. Professional   Online Marketing Consultant
Chetan Bhagat...........One
Night in Call Center.....
Aug 16th 2013 04:52   
Net Pro Magnate I   Mlm Gateway
Peter Straub--------------Ghost Story
Aug 16th 2013 04:53   
Stephan Nell Professional  Poet; Lyric Writer
Sh!t Van and there I thought I was better???????????????
Aug 16th 2013 04:55   
TamaraV Kane Magnate I   Stock Market Trader
Well I am waiting for ya hard cover Stephan...........hope ya catch that one sausage wallet!!!! pmsl
Aug 16th 2013 05:02   
Stephan Nell Professional  Poet; Lyric Writer
Yes My little Milf with ya fresh oyster!!!!!!!!!
Aug 16th 2013 05:07   
Waseem Abbas Advanced  Web Designer
Mazhar Kalim is best.
Aug 16th 2013 11:25   
Simao Pedro Professional   Investor
Robert Kiyosaki is my favorite
Aug 16th 2013 14:31   
Lovely Naike Junior  Software Developer
I thought was better....
Aug 16th 2013 17:23   
Tasawar Iqbal Freshman  Seo
Mazhar Kalim is best.
Aug 17th 2013 10:16   
Emma Gregator Advanced  Emma Watson News
Roger Zelazny has always been at the top of my list, but I recently discovered Carol Berg and she's very, very good.
Oct 12th 2013 06:21   
Income MARKETING Opportunities Professional   EZWORKSYSTEMS
The Art of the Comeback Donald Trump

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Dec 30th 2013 13:05   
Jo Wang Innovator  optic telecom
Ernest Hemingway I like his the old man and the sea.
Jul 20th 2016 22:25   
Luana Ostrowska Innovator  Freelancer
Chetan Bhagat is my favourite author.
Dec 28th 2016 01:05   
Linda M. Innovator  Freelance Marketer
j.k.rowling is best.
Dec 31st 2016 00:07   
Blair Barese Freshman  blogger
Chetan Bhagat.
One Night in Call Center.
is one of the my favourite author
Jan 13th 2017 01:09   
Kathy B. Freshman  Freelance Marketer
Sydney Finkelstein is one of the my favourite author for business.
Mar 29th 2017 02:19   
Gladis M. Freshman  Freelance Graphic Designer
Alice Walker is one of the my favourite author
Mar 31st 2017 05:52   
Kathy B. Freshman  Freelance Marketer
I like a secret story by a author Kevin Ashton.
Apr 8th 2017 05:51   
Trinity Devillier Innovator  Uavhengig grafisk designer, web designer og blogge
Paul Downs is my favourite author.
Apr 8th 2017 06:14   
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