Who can tell me which color is the best for women fashion this year ?

Asked by Summer Wilson, in Arts & Crafts


Dru Berry Advanced  Entrepreneur (Author)
Blue is one of the preferred colors
Nov 18th 2015 06:55   
Universally it is pink that women are loving and represented with.
Nov 19th 2015 01:47   
Mohammed Fkriy Innovator   ***
I think, or you can use a Pink color
Dec 12th 2015 01:45   
Debra Diamond Committed  Healthy Alternatives
Currently for winter of 2016 women are heading for earth tones such as Olive, Coppertone, and Rust. Personally I like the dark teal into deeper blue tonalities. I also like browns. I'm not a big fan of red, not sure it looks good on me, although I don't mind burgundy.
Jan 11th 2016 22:59   
NMJR Laudato Si Magnate II  Netizen Organization
2016 is the year of the fire monkey (starting on 8 February 2016) so the key colours are red and shades of red, ie pink, rose (google the Pantone colours of 2016 purple, lilac, burgundy.
Jan 31st 2016 01:30   
Rahul Pal Committed   Digital marketing | SEO expert
I guess blue is best For women's fashion wear :)
Feb 5th 2016 06:14   
JoeJoe Joemax Innovator  JoeJoe
Who can tell me which color is the best for women fashion this year ?
Jun 26th 2016 15:49   
Khai Quynh Junior  Sàn Phương Đông
I guess red is best For women's fashion wear :)
Jul 13th 2016 10:48   
Brahim A. Professional Pro   baghzaf _#OUMRABIA MÉDIAS
It’s happened to most of us at one point or another: we look in our closet and see what’s essentially a palette of three different colors to choose from, and then we vow to add more color variety to our wardrobe. The next shopping trip comes around and we can’t resist buying that new top in navy, even though it comes in orange and red and jade. What gives? It turns out there’s a reason we gravitate towards the same colors over and over, some colors just look better on us because of our skin tone. So how can you tell which colors will flatter you best? It’s super easy if you follow these tips to help determine your best colors.
Jul 17th 2016 05:23   
Joseph Doyle Committed   Executive Team Leader
Black will always be the "new" black ~ Black is elegant & dressy ~ Adds a touch of Class ~
teamed with a red silk cumerbund ~ Suits most skin tones ~ especially "Real" Sun tanned skin ~ even porcelain ~
Aug 8th 2016 11:11   
Kate Johnson Advanced  2015 Fashion
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Aug 11th 2016 04:08   
Sharon Zhou Innovator  Sales
I think navy blue is best for women's fashion wear.
Aug 11th 2016 22:47   
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Steven Jacowski Innovator  Milwaukee Wedding Photographers
Pink is a pale red color, which takes its name from the flower of the same name.[2][3] According to surveys in Europe and the United States, pink is the color most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity, and the romantic.
Aug 30th 2016 07:42   
Manish Satija Committed  Founder & Creative Director
Pink is all time favorite for any kind of fashion for women and that's her best pal :) -
Sep 7th 2016 05:30   
I Want To Marry You Weddings Junior  I Want To Marry You Weddings
Black will always be the "new" black ~ Black is elegant & dressy
Dec 26th 2016 02:39   
William Laura Innovator  Owner and Founder
I think red is and yellow is best color for women fashion.
Feb 1st 2017 02:36   
Rakesh Singla Innovator  ASSOCIATE
Sea green is the best suited colors !!
May 8th 2017 01:03   
Hiếu Đầu Bếp Freshman  Chef
yellow is the best color in this year!
Jun 1st 2017 09:10   
Baby Pink is the best one for women
Jun 28th 2017 06:19   
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