Which is your favorite singer?

Asked by Antonio F., in Entertainment
mine is Taylor Swift and amazing Lexi Walkar!


Regeimaging Delhi Junior  Digital Medical Imaging System
my favourite singer is sonu nigam
Feb 20th 2017 03:46   
Elixirfertility Delhi Junior  Best IVF Treatment Clinic in Delhi
i like Shreya Ghoshal
Feb 20th 2017 04:27   
Jeet Kaushik Committed  Digital Marketer, Web Designer
my favourite singer is sonu nigam
Feb 20th 2017 04:54   
Suzain Holmes Freshman  decorative tiles Provider
my favourite singer is alex halls
Feb 20th 2017 05:46   
Vimlesh Rai Freshman  Content Marketer
my favourite singer is Arjit Singh
Feb 20th 2017 06:47   
Roman S. Senior   Business Creativity Mentor
My favourite singer is Celine Dion.
Feb 20th 2017 09:22   
Steven A. Donaldson Magnate III Premium I make money with this website
Elvis the king...........
Feb 20th 2017 09:24   
Robert Brown Senior  SEO expert
Adam Lambert.. I love his voice...
Feb 20th 2017 10:10   
Carlos Silva Magnate I   Affiliate Commissionist - Entertain and Biz
My favourite singer ...songwriter, actress, filmmaker ... is: Barbra Streisand !!
Feb 20th 2017 10:28   
Oswald Rodrigues Professional
Tom Jones.
Feb 20th 2017 12:01   
Helder Ventura Professional   Administrator Author And Editor From
My favourite singer Is Elton John
Feb 20th 2017 14:50   
Molan Parker Freshman  i am Blogger love to write article.
Madonna is my favorite singer.
Feb 20th 2017 15:13   
Csaba Juhasz Committed  Business Development Specialist
My favorite singler ABBA
Feb 20th 2017 15:47   
‎Maria Clara‎ Advanced  Web Marketing
Ryan Gosling is my favorite singer
Feb 20th 2017 20:57   
Lucyana A. Freshman  reviewer
hide larc en ciel is my favorite singer
Feb 20th 2017 21:27   
Anuj Kumar Advanced  Hot Dance
my Favorite singer Honey Singh
Feb 20th 2017 23:21   
Chandan Puri Magnate III Pro   Owner
diljit dosanjh is my favorite singer!
Feb 20th 2017 23:43   
Jai S. Advanced  Builder
B. J. Thomas and Blue Swede
Feb 21st 2017 00:05   
Pratibha V. Innovator  Digital marketing Expert
My current Fav is Arijit Singh
Feb 21st 2017 01:13   
Komal Jain Junior  womens clothing
My favorite singer is kumar sanu.
Feb 21st 2017 01:58   
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