Which is your favorite messenger app?

Asked by Bruce Bates, in Business
Telegram? Discord? Skype? Or Whatsapp?

Best Answer

David Paul Advanced   finance courses delhi ncr
my favorite app is
Aug 4th 2018 03:20 


Zoey Smith Junior  An QuickBooks Pro Advisor
WhatsApp is my favorite aap
Aug 4th 2018 02:29   
Alex Carter Advanced  Mechanic Assistant
Skype is better for me. Quick and easy to use
Aug 4th 2018 02:59   
David Paul Advanced   finance courses delhi ncr
my favorite app is
Aug 4th 2018 03:20   
Peter Paterson Advanced   Professional Marketer & Web Designer
Telegram. Easier to use. Less restrictions.
Aug 4th 2018 05:13   
GemBox Birmingham Freshman  Handmade Jewellery
Whatsapp and skype both are are good
Aug 4th 2018 08:40   
Wellness Trials Advanced  Health
My favorite app is whatsapp.
Aug 6th 2018 06:12   
camera fuda Junior  business
Skype is better. it's easy to use
Aug 6th 2018 06:37   
Phuong namphat Freshman  phuongnamphat
i like skype and discord. easy to talk
Aug 6th 2018 06:41   
Delbert Barlow Advanced  supplementforuse
My favorite Messenger in Facebook & whatsapp.
Aug 6th 2018 06:41   
Hoi Lam Gi Junior  Hello World
In works, i like skype becase it send picture fast
Aug 6th 2018 12:55   
Abdou Sani Boukari Magnate II   Consultant
I like the telegram. It's much easier and faster. But since most of my contacts know only skype, I use skype rather than telegram.
Aug 6th 2018 21:55   
Smith Tracy Innovator  SEO Expert
my first priority is Whatsapp
Aug 7th 2018 01:21   
Mason Olivia Advanced  Digital Marketing
skype and Whatsapp both are good
Aug 7th 2018 01:37   
Douven Athena Innovator  Web Designer
I like use Skype. How about you ?
Aug 7th 2018 03:39   
Andrew Symonds Innovator  Printer Support Services
skype and whatsapp both
Aug 7th 2018 03:51   
Hariom R. Junior  Pharma Franchise Consultant
prefer both communication methods
Aug 7th 2018 03:52   
Sarah Tan Professional  Sales Manager
Like to use skype and Whatsapp.
Aug 7th 2018 05:34   
Emily Pete Innovator  Content Writer
Whatsapp and Skype both are are good
Aug 7th 2018 05:45   
shahnawaz tomar Innovator  Digital Marketing Service Provider
good job riya if you don't mind ek bat puchni thi are you married
Aug 7th 2018 09:17   
Marius Wlassak Magnate I   Business Media Consultant
It is called : Hoccer
Aug 8th 2018 02:40   
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