Which is the most secure OS (Windows or Linux)?

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Neha Magnate I Pro   Affiliate Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMO
Linux is the most secured OS
May 19th 2017 08:49   
Body Massage Innovator  Therapist
Linux is a superior operating system. When customized it can be set up to extremely secure. Linux has an impressive vulnerability patching policy.
May 19th 2017 08:57   
James W. Committed   employer
Most secured Linux the best
May 19th 2017 14:53   
Helder Ventura Professional   Administrator Author And Editor From
For Sure Linux
But I Prefer To Work With Windows
May 19th 2017 18:40   
Mike Walsh Freshman  power of money
i prefer windows for linux
May 20th 2017 00:32   
Jeet Kaushik Committed  Digital Marketer, Web Designer
Linux is the most secured OS
May 20th 2017 01:01   
Tech Mayra Innovator   Tech Support
Linux is secured Operating System for sure.
May 20th 2017 14:43   
Joshua Joseph Junior  Web Designer
Linux is the most secured OS
May 20th 2017 17:46   
Jennifer William Advanced  Technical Consultant
Linux is the best operating system.
May 22nd 2017 02:23   
Jason Borne Junior  Web Developer
Linux is best. You can customize it according to your need.
Jul 3rd 2017 04:28   
Gia Glad Innovator  Cogneesol
linux is the best operating system than others
Jul 26th 2017 02:19   
Randy Jones Advanced  Web Marketing Expert
Of-course it's Linux. Most virus and hacking programs use .exe extension which is non-executable.
Sep 15th 2017 09:22   
Jack Smith Freshman  In My Shed Store
I will go with windows
Sep 26th 2017 03:12   
Elena Smithson Advanced  Best Point Of Sale Software
Window is the best secured OS software..
Oct 16th 2017 06:39   
Adom Click Committed   Admin
Windows is best ...........
Feb 1st 2018 23:57   
Sourabh Kumar Committed   Article Promoter
Linux is More secure if you are professional use Linux operating system.
Feb 25th 2018 09:27   
Linh Anh Innovator  Thẩm mỹ da
Tôi rất thích 2 hệ điều hành Win và Linux này, qua quá trình sử dụng như tôi thấy thì hệ điều hành Linux an toàn hơn rất nhiều so với Win. :)
Feb 28th 2018 23:45   
Alizabeth Rosa Freshman  Outlook Customer Care Number Canada +1-844-888-387
When security is concern i will go with LINUX
Apr 3rd 2018 01:44   
Blair Nicole Innovator  PR, Marketing
Linux is the most secured OS
May 4th 2018 07:37   
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