Which digital marketing techniques are more useful?

Asked by Amit Joshi, in Business


Amit Joshi Freshman  content writer
Which digital marketing techniques are more useful in 2017?
Jul 11th 2017 08:53   
Debra Diamond Committed  Healthy Alternatives
There are many and they should all be used as some work better with specific people and what you are trying to accomplish! I just found something that provides a way to market directly to mobile devices.... Message me directly if you'd like more information.
Jul 11th 2017 10:39   
Patrick G. Advanced   Affiliate Mareketer
Email Marketing Tactics, Is the best way but Affiliate marketing is good to
Jul 11th 2017 13:17   
Aditi Singh Innovator  Entrepreneur
Every Digital Marketing Technique has there own value.
Jul 12th 2017 01:00   
Shivam C. Innovator  Blogging
Social Media is the best platform for Digital Marketing.
Jul 12th 2017 02:16   
Pay Any Fee Innovator  Pay Any Fee - Anywhere Anytime
PPC & Social Media is the best for Digital Marketing & Promotion.
Jul 12th 2017 02:52   
Kirti Arora Advanced  Business Development Executive
Each technique o Digital Marketing have its own value according to their benefits.
Jul 12th 2017 07:10   
Rose Priya Innovator  Finance Analyst
Social media platform is trending now
Jul 12th 2017 08:28   
Eric Hecht Committed   Founder, CEO & Businessman
Social PPC nowadays proves to a best and effective technique in Digital marketing to get traffic and conversions.
Jul 13th 2017 02:05   
Brinda Mehta Freshman  Spreding Happiness with Products & Services
Implementing SEO for your website is still relevant and one of the most essential ways to rank well in search engines. The better your search engine rank, the more likely interested searchers are to view your business as a trustworthy, credible source in your niche.
Jul 13th 2017 02:12   
Santu Steyn Senior  Gadget Provider
Social Media is the best platform for Digital Marketing.
Jul 13th 2017 05:45   
Envy Zen Junior  envyzenenergy
SEO and SEM are a great way to boost any brand, product and company. Speciaslly white hat SEO is more effective.
Jul 14th 2017 05:04   
Jacob Parkinson Junior  eForm2290
Content writing, smart marketing, proper use of tools
Jul 20th 2017 03:06   
Christian Silmaro Advanced  Christian
I just found something that provides a way to market directly to mobile device
Jul 20th 2017 06:34   
Adpoket Business Advanced  Grow Up Your Business
SEO and SEM are a great way to boost your business on adpoket.
Jul 20th 2017 06:51   
kiran varma Committed  Marketing and Business
Email Marketing Tactics, SEO Is the best way but Affiliate marketing is good to
Jul 31st 2017 01:52   
Prizm Digital Freshman  Digital Marketing Agency
Social media and search engine marketing are the effective digital marketing techniques to increase the lead generation of your business.
Aug 4th 2017 06:05   
Christine P. Advanced  Editor-in-Chief
Here are some Digital Marketing Techniques:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- Google ranking, more technically focus or content focus

2. Web Analytics- tracking user behaviour, analysing trends and finding the connection to improve campaign, page, website and etc.

3. Pay per Click- PPC budget driven, gets results at a faster pace.

4. Conversion Optimization- maximizing your existing structure through testing and optimization, finding areas where a small change can eat big wins.

5. Email Marketing- primarily methods to communicate with your customers on a personal, relevant and timely basis.

6. Content Marketing- creates digital assets such as white papers, articles or videos and uses these assets to grow visibility or attract new customers and leads.

7. Social media- most expensive and popular disciplines, the purpose of Social Media Marketing is to find, build and engage audiences across many networks.

8. Mobile Marketing- the fastest growing segment of Digital Marketing.
Aug 9th 2017 02:42   
Gia Glad Innovator  Cogneesol
Social media and email marketing is the best digital techniques in 2017.
Aug 23rd 2017 02:35   
Dave Hayes Senior   Affiliate Marketing specialist
There are some good answers in this thread... ;)

My own favoured strategies are these email marketing works very well, especially when used through safelists, viral mailers, solo ads and autoresponders, without question they grow your list in numbers, which is what you need

Also using safelists, means you target your specific market, which again is what you need

Traffic Exchnages are also good, as long as you are using profit share models so you don't end up clicking for hours for a couple of credits

Blogs are also good

Social media, used the right way is also good

I have used a combination of these strategies for years with good success and managed to bounce myself out of a job and into online advertising very nicely
Aug 30th 2017 04:47   
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