What's your favorite book ? Recommend for me , ok ?

Asked by Aimee Zhang, in Book Reviews


Dannie Griffin Advanced  Christian Knights
EXO-VATICANA Authors Dr. Thomas Horn, Chris Putnam is a must read
Sep 4th 2013 10:36   
Mary H. Senior  Social Network Marketer
I have a lot of favorite books. The authors are: Lora Leigh, sherrilyn Kenyon, Mya Banks, Lori Forster etc.
Sep 5th 2013 18:38   
Luna Freshman  editor
Harry Potter. I like the detective novels and the romantic love stories.
Sep 5th 2013 21:51   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
I have read the Twilight series 3 times this year. Yes, all 4 novels. :)
Sep 8th 2013 09:14   
Fred Putnam Advanced  Marketer
Greatest Generation by Tom Brokraw
Sep 8th 2013 09:21   
Income MARKETING Opportunities Professional   EZWORKSYSTEMS
Think Big the Author is Donald Trump. on YouTub -

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen R. Covey

"Social Media ROI" The Author Olivier Blanchard :
This book is easy to read and yet it is serious heavy lifting at times, but if you take the time and follow Olivier's thinking, the confusion simply goes away. "If you do the work", you will have a solid foundation of how to not only leverage Social Media networks, you'll know how to participate in them, how to plug Social Media into your business..., how to listen, how to monitor. and as he says, " Listening Before Talking". You learn more... on amazon

Enjoy Your Day!
Oct 3rd 2013 05:46   
Glenn Williams Freshman  Internet marketer part time writer
The greatest book that i've read and continue to read is the Holy Bible
Dec 18th 2013 19:27   
Sneha Dutta Advanced  Freelance Writer
Book Name:- Girl with a Pearl Earring
Author:- Tracy Chevalier
Jan 13th 2014 03:23   
Pauline Bennett Committed   Affiliate Marketer
I like Danielle Steele books, have read all of hers. I also like biographies mainly US Political figures
Jan 31st 2014 09:50   
Raven Grice Advanced  Ravens Art And Music Museum
my favorite is the familiars, and i recomend it for you
Feb 10th 2014 08:46   
Avishek M. Professional   StartUp Enthusiasm, SEM
Work In Progress > when my age at 90-100, try to give u a better answer. Thanks, for asking.
Feb 15th 2014 02:51   
Yogesh Shinde Professional Be a solopreneur
Robin Sharma - Monk who sold his Ferrarri.
Jul 4th 2016 12:31   
Kalki Avatar Committed  Writer
I like the detective novels and the romantic love stories.
May 13th 2017 07:27   
Shumail Petrick Freshman  Blogger
Go to 'Reviews Truth' You can get many books from there. You can choose based on your likes
Aug 15th 2017 05:18   
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