What Will I Get From Gerber Funeral Insurance For The Elderly?

Asked by Marvin Smata, in Others


Bruce F. Senior   Entrepreneur
Gerber Life Funeral Insurance is sold worldwide. It is a guaranteed whole life policy. At the time of the insured's death, Gerber Life pays the beneficiary a tax-free lump sum payment. The beneficiary can that money for any purpose they choose. Make it clear with your family to pay your burial & funeral expenses first.
May 26th 2019 14:40   
Warren Contreras Magnate I   Old Retired Guy
The problem is you will not be around to know if they ever pay it or not and the same goes for your beneficiary. They could spend the money on one big party and leave your body on the side of the road or in the bushes.
May 29th 2019 11:36   
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