What Should Be the Husband's 'Part' in Marriage?

Asked by Shivam Kumar, in Communications
Hello, I just want to know? Any Suggestion.


Tin Tuc Nhanh Junior  Cap Nhat Tin Tuc Nhanh Nhat
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Jun 11th 2018 03:31   
Tina S. Freshman  Content Writer
In marriage, husband role is a leader.
Jun 12th 2018 01:16   
Ava Smith Freshman  My Assignment Help
Hi, I am Ava Smith, currently pursuing B Tech degree. In Marriage, Husband and wife both are important part of wedding. Husband should be responsible for everything.
Jun 12th 2018 01:59   
Robab Raza Freshman  Local Business Listing Australia
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Jun 12th 2018 02:33   
ZARA DAVID Advanced   Author
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Jun 12th 2018 04:45   
Lushlife Developers Freshman  Real Estate Develpers Pune
Husband's 'Part' in Marriage is that he should take care of his wife. love her, spend quality time with her, respect her decisions and must be loyal & honest in his relationship.
Jun 12th 2018 08:37   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon I Premium Native speaking English teacher
Protector and provider
Jun 12th 2018 09:22   
Benny Gala Senior  DNS Accountants
Husband is responsible for care of wife and child. He can sacrifice everything for his family. He is very hard working role life. In Short Husband is soul of family.
Jun 12th 2018 09:39   
Rohit Thakur Freshman  Author
The husband role in a marriage is not only become life partner but also take stand for his wife in difficult times. Respect her thoughts & give her freedom to express in a significant way.
Jun 12th 2018 09:58   
Eliza Walter Junior  Falcon Cars
In a marriage husband is the leader. his responsibility is protect the wife and take care of her
Jun 13th 2018 01:45   
Shalini Pandey Junior  Content Writer
In a marriage, Husband's should be responsible, responsive, helpful and make wife comfortable. Husband should accept similarities and dissimilarities, open to talk on issues , and allow other partner to express herself in open ways.
Jun 13th 2018 05:06   
Mike Ralph Advanced  NativeMedia | Asia's Leading Coupon Data Provider
In a marriage, husband should keep quiet and always agree to his wife whatever she say.
Jun 14th 2018 08:11   
Mike Farris Committed   Mike's Super Stores
Marriage is 50/50. The husband earns the money, the wife spends it.Earn more money here ==>
Jun 20th 2018 06:15   
Petko Kishev Professional  Folklor manager
To care and protect!
Jul 18th 2018 07:31   
Ava Smith Freshman  My Assignment Help
Its very nice content.
Aug 27th 2018 02:39   
Lucy H. Senior  SEO manager
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Sep 30th 2018 02:42   
Ordius IT Solutions Committed  Digital Marketing
A leader and A lover
Sep 30th 2018 10:33   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon I Premium Native speaking English teacher
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Sep 30th 2018 10:50   
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Hello, I just want to know? Any Suggestion
Nov 27th 2018 06:07   
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