What is Top 3 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married?

Asked by Swati Sharma, in Home & Family
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Sourabh Kumar Professional   Article Promoter
1. you’re ready for marriage?
2. continue working after marriage?
3. vegetarian, eggetarian, fishetarian or meat eater?
Nov 3rd 2018 12:00 


Vòng tay Gỗ sưa Freshman  vòng tay gỗ sưa cao cấp đem lại tài lộc bình an
3-không biết
2=không biết
1=không biết
Nov 9th 2018 09:53   
Cao đẳng Y Dược Sài Gòn Junior  Cao Đẳng Y Dược Sài Gòn
1 st. continue working after marriage?
2. financially
3. you’re ready for marriage?
Nov 9th 2018 21:36   
MichaelAp Clayton Magnate I   I Earn My Income Online ...Join Me
Are You Single?
Show me your ID?
Do You Know The 10 Commandments?
Nov 10th 2018 22:37   
Nikhila D. Freshman  Psychologist and Counselor
Are you compatible?
Does he treat you like an equal?
How does he resolve conflicts?
Nov 11th 2018 02:15   
Emily Rose Committed  Online Jobs Opening in India
are you working or not,

family background,

what is your education,

what is your expectation
Nov 12th 2018 00:02   
Prashant Agarwal Junior  Writer
Get everything clear, Like Previous relationship, Health Issues & Financial status.
Nov 12th 2018 01:27   
Princewill Ibe Committed   AFFILIATE MARKETING
the first questions you ask when about to get married is
1 what do i want in a marriage because you can't be a dishonest person and be looking for a honest person?
2 how do i get what i want or the type of person i want?.
3 then is this love or infatuation?
Nov 12th 2018 02:22   
tarina kelly Freshman  freelancer
Are you ready for marriage?
Ask him or her that they are not forced to do the marriage.
Education Details
Nov 15th 2018 07:19   
George Young Advanced  Digital Marketer
Marry Me Please!
This would be the best question to ask. This can just help you out to know mindset of the person whom you about to get married, whether he/she is interested or not. As fpr future perspective.
Nov 17th 2018 07:23   
shivkumar singh Innovator  Digital Marketing Executive
These are the three question is :
1. Education
2. Family background
3. Health issues
Nov 19th 2018 01:33   
Insta Oman visa Committed  Apply Oman Visa Online |
What's your age?
What's your education?
And first of all, Ask are you ready for marriage?
Nov 20th 2018 01:15   
Jenna Choleman Senior  IT Head
These three questions, you must ask before getting married.

1. What do you expect from your life partner?

2. Are you comfortable to this relationship?

3. What is you your career goal?
Nov 29th 2018 01:13   
Sehaz Kaur Junior  Sports Do not build character. They Reveal it.
Three Question:
1) About Her education
2) About her current relationship
3) Ask about her past experience
Nov 30th 2018 23:28   
Five Fives Advanced  شركة خمس خمسات للعناية بالاسرة
Home & Family okey
Dec 5th 2018 05:45   
Marie V. Hall Professional   LITERATURE EVANGELIST
Why Do You Wanna Marry Me?
Do You Want Children?
Will You Support Me In My Decision To Work For Myself, Even If Business Is Slow?
Jan 7th 2019 13:48   
RitaAnn~ E. Advanced   Online Girl
1. How is your relationship with the Creator?
2. What are your long term goals for our life together?
3. What is my role in continuing a long, healthy, happy relationship with you?

Apr 4th 2019 11:16   
Green Bruuh Advanced  Want to develop your website similar to profession
1. Are you ready to take the responsibilities?
2. Are you ready for the marriage?
3. What are your career goals?
May 17th 2019 05:14   
Ivy Jane A. Professional   Shopify Virtual Assistant
1. Are you ready emotionally and mentally for marriage?
2. Are you willing to compromise?
3. Do you know how to forgive?
Jun 3rd 2019 01:32   
Daisy Wilkinson Advanced  Travel Guides
Do you love this person and are you compatible, such as, do you have the same interests
Jul 6th 2019 06:45   
RitaAnn~ E. Advanced   Online Girl
1. Will you try to love me the way the Creator would have you love, respect, and honor me for the rest of both our lives? If we have problems, can we take time to talk about them in order to solidify our marriage bonds, or do you just feel I should get over it and toughen up?

2. My family is important to me, their opinion matters. If they say we're not right for one another, are you willing to work to gain their respect or would you rather move on to someone else?

3. Money problems are one of the leading causes of divorce. When we have money issues, can we talk about them together as a family unit in order to try to solve the issues, or are you one to keep the problems to yourself and try to solve them yourself?
Jul 9th 2019 13:11   
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