What is the newest blogging platform?

Asked by Geoffrey Musera, in Writing & Speaking
I am looking forward to ascertaining the best newest blogging platform in the market.


Sourabh Aggarwal Magnate II   SEO Manager
Here are the blogging platforms we’ll be comparing in this article. If you’re interested in a particular platform, you can click the link to skip ahead in the article.
Feb 22nd 2018 01:03   
Ajit Bainsla Advanced  Digital Marketing Expert is the newest blog platform
Feb 22nd 2018 02:41   
Myweb Project Senior  MyWebProject - Web Development Portal
Quora is not a blogging platform
Feb 22nd 2018 04:24   
Michael V. Magnate I   Cryptocurrency Investor & Trader
With Altervista ( you can create a free of charge site or blog, with cutting edge technology to fully achieve your project! It’s easy to set up a gorgeous design for a blog that perfectly fits smartphones and tablets.

Start your own website or blog now! Create a site with PHP and MySQL or a blog with WordPress: it's easy, free of charge and you can earn money from it!
Feb 22nd 2018 05:26   
Geoffrey Musera Senior  Author & Publisher / Article Writer
Thank you for your response guys
Feb 22nd 2018 09:39   
Geoffrey Musera Senior  Author & Publisher / Article Writer
I will try it Michael V. It looks gorgeous
Feb 22nd 2018 09:43   
William Klein Senior  SEO is the newest blog platform
Feb 22nd 2018 12:16   
Dave Hayes Committed   Affilliate Marketing Specialist
Wow, there are some good answers on this thread, most state the obvious ones and in the main I agree with, because it is self hosted. So that would be my first choice

The platform I use is Wealthy Affiliate, simply because it has what I wanted most... premium wordpress training and it pays well.

Applied education is THE difference
Feb 26th 2018 05:13   
Mike Ralph Advanced  NativeMedia | Asia's Leading Coupon Data Provider
As i think that will be best and one of the finest platforms to be there for your blogging. You can express yourself and get numbers of followers there. Its a trending nowadays i can say.
Feb 27th 2018 00:29   
Pratik Kanada Magnate II   CEO & Founder
Medium is a good and authentic platform for sharing news worldwide.
Feb 27th 2018 02:33   
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Feb 28th 2018 06:30   
Shailly Thomas Senior   Delon Beauty Product
Feb 28th 2018 08:08   
Lookup Fare Advanced  Cheap flights are always available on Lookupfare
Quora and Medium are the new blog platform
Feb 28th 2018 09:01   
Caitlin Aaron Senior  Web Marketing
Medium and Wix are new blogging platform
Mar 5th 2018 20:45   
Mike Ralph Advanced  NativeMedia | Asia's Leading Coupon Data Provider
Quora, Medium, and bloglovin are best among the all.
Mar 6th 2018 01:33   
Habitat Centre Advanced   Victory Indirapuram Habitat Centre
Yes, is the newest blog platform!!!!!
Mar 16th 2018 09:00   
Dr. John Oda Advanced  Dr. John Oda Motivational Speaker
Yes, Squarespace
Mar 26th 2018 09:35   
Script Baron Freshman  Website Content Writing Services by Professional C
May 15th 2018 02:37   
Dave Hayes Committed   Affilliate Marketing Specialist
There are some interesting answers in here, with mostly WIX and QUORA given as blogging platforms

Both are NOT blogging platforms. WIX lets you create websites, QUORA is a Q&A platform

If its a case of a Blogging platform, yes there are some good other alternatives posted in this thread, however and based on years of experience in this field and having used a few platforms, by far the best is Wealthy Affiliate, it is excellent
Jun 16th 2018 05:50   
Swetha So Advanced  Analyst
Jul 26th 2018 04:37   
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