What is the name of your Favorite Teacher?

Asked by Charu Gupta, in Education


Ravi Dutt Sharma Committed   Digital Marketing
You are the my favorite teacher charu gupta
Feb 17th 2018 00:27   
Amar K. Advanced  Hi, there
hmmm, mine also you are my favorite too.
Feb 17th 2018 01:52   
Evan Nasseri Senior  Seo Expert
me..only my fav teacher......
Feb 17th 2018 22:45   
Marietta Muring Professional   Marketer
My fav. Teacher Angelita Bitua.
Feb 18th 2018 00:11   
Nitin Chris Freshman  Web designer
My Fav Teacher ......Ms Rekha Sharma
Feb 18th 2018 23:01   
John Mark Advanced  Academic Writing Help
My favorite teacher Edward Paul.
Feb 18th 2018 23:46   
Emma W. Advanced  Web Designer
My favorite teacher Nicolo Marks..
Feb 19th 2018 00:10   
Arnav Gavde Senior  Digital Marketing Specialist
My favorite teacher Akhilesh
Feb 19th 2018 00:41   
Capital Stars Advanced  Financial Research Advisory
My Favorite Kiran Ma'm
Feb 19th 2018 02:02   
Lunna Walker Advanced  Accountant
Jhon C Maxwell is my favorite teacher.
Feb 19th 2018 04:03   
Hairnails Facial Junior  All Hair Nails Facials
My Favorite teacher is Mr. RajPal .
Feb 19th 2018 23:21   
Aditya B. Freshman  Entrepreneur with a vision
My fav teacher is Mr. Manoj
Feb 20th 2018 01:56   
Guillermo V. Professional   Musician
What is the name of your Favorite Teacher? Miss Lupita
Feb 20th 2018 11:32   
William Klein Senior  SEO
me..only myself is my fav teacher...ha ha ha .
Feb 20th 2018 23:35   
Austin Baines Advanced  Content Writer
My fav teacher is English Subject MaM.
Feb 21st 2018 14:18   
Tiffany Kart Freshman  Social Media Manager
Jennie jones my math teacher.
Feb 22nd 2018 06:54   
Bruce F. Senior   Entrepreneur
Lucy Silver! She was just out of college, I was in the first class she ever taught. 1970, High School English Lit, 1st period, We became friends and still are. I went to her wedding, we were in the same bowling league for a couple of years. She taught all 5 of my younger brothers and sisters as well. I've traveled & moved here and there but we've kept in touch. A postcard, a phone call, eventually Facebook, Been buddies now for 48 years. She's retired, has an antique shop in New York, and still tells the punniest jokes. My 50 year class reunion is in 2 years and she plans on being my +1 for the reunion. We are gonna trip-out some of my old classmates and her old students. Maybe there will be a documentary!
Feb 23rd 2018 04:19   
Roman S. Committed   Business Creativity Mentor
My favorite teacher is LIFE.
Feb 23rd 2018 11:36   
World Wide College Advanced  Study Abroad Consultants in India
my fav teacher is reena gupta
Feb 25th 2018 23:55   
David J. Junior  Online Phone Directory
dan Parker, my maths teacher is my favorite
Feb 27th 2018 17:57   
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