What is the Best way to increase Facebook Likes?

Asked by Pankaj Sharma, in Internet & eBusiness


Werben Banner Junior  Werbebanner
The best way to increase likes is post interesting stuff video and good images
Mar 6th 2017 08:17   
Isabell M. Advanced   Absolute Softech Ltd
Keep Posting interesting images or videos on daily basis.
Share your posts in appropriate Facebook Groups.
Tag popular pages with your posts.
Use # tag in your posts.
Mar 6th 2017 10:31   
Victor Sign Junior  Service Provider
Content is king ! Upload good content !
Mar 6th 2017 16:15   
Jack Wen Junior  lucky rs gole
sharing some funny things! hope it can help you
Mar 6th 2017 21:02   
Employment Duniya Advanced  sarkari naukri , fresher job ,govt job
use of tags , images and videos
Mar 7th 2017 00:09   
Sinema Films Innovator  Sinema Films Tv- Video Production Companies
Use keyword with # tag and images
Mar 7th 2017 01:40   
Daphne Lee Advanced  Web maker
create post surprising others
Mar 7th 2017 01:43   
Olivier Site Advanced   foodmicroconsultant | SEO
we can increase like on facebook added to magic video and image
Mar 7th 2017 02:36   
Daily Khoz Committed  Media & News
Post informative content ...
Mar 7th 2017 03:00   
Summer Lili Advanced  Störsender/Signal Störgerät bei SKYLISHOP Kaufen
Great and interesting stuff will always catch people's eyes
Mar 7th 2017 06:48   
Harikrishna Kundariya Advanced  Web Designer, Web Developer, SEO
Make your post title very impressive and innovative, where user automatic wants to view and put the best image to catch user eye on your post.
Mar 9th 2017 00:43   
Rahul raj Advanced  SEO, Web Design
use tool..
Mar 9th 2017 02:24   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II   Better World Partisan
Who cares?! :-P .. I do not use social networks to collect LIKEs, but to build (mostly business) connections. If they like what I communicate, fine .. if they don't, well, "c'est la vie". LOL
Mar 9th 2017 06:09   
Rahul Kumar singh Professional   Sr . SEO and Digital Expert
make creative image and write impressive content and boost your post or page.
Mar 9th 2017 06:28    Edited in Mar 20th 2017 02:22
Neha Magnate I Pro   Affiliate Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMO
Post Interesting contents regularly and invite others to like your page
Mar 10th 2017 00:40   
Stephen Smith Advanced  Real Exam Dumps
Maybe more interesting information
Mar 10th 2017 20:27   
Gangadhar Kulkarni Magnate I   Internet Marketing Professional
Regularly share informative and catchy content that helpful for visitors.....!!!
Mar 11th 2017 01:23   
Jiya Gera Advanced  Real Estate Consultant, property dealers, Property
Need to add informative content on any of product or service which indirectly help your user or facebook friends in the form of message...
Mar 11th 2017 06:47   
James W. Committed   employer
You can use Social Exchangers
Mar 12th 2017 04:15   
Global Internet Success Advanced  Online Business Success Coaching
The first answer here i the most correct "The best way to increase likes is post interesting stuff video and good images " Generate interaction by posting good content.
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Mar 13th 2017 10:55   
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