What is the Aim of Google Update for SEO which announced on 1st August?

Asked by Pankaj Sharma, in Internet & eBusiness


My Supplementsera Junior  Helath
Crazy Bulk: The Best Way to Know the Brand is it
Aug 3rd 2018 04:51   
Wealth Buildup Advanced  Wealth Buildup Financial Services
yes, it is good platform to promote the brand.
Aug 3rd 2018 04:58   
Purple Orchid Massage and Spa Freshman  Best Body Massage Centre in Bangalore
i dont no, anything regarding that google algorithm update. Can anybody please elaborate it ?
Aug 4th 2018 01:04   
Tom Johnson Freshman  Marketing Analyst
Google hasn't said the consequences of this update but many people are facing traffic drop and change in keyword ranking. It's hard to say which particular part is affected by this Algorithm update.
Aug 6th 2018 06:02   
Shawn Wang Advanced  Best Printed Circuit Board
yes, it is good platform to promote the brand
Aug 6th 2018 06:11   
Abdou Sani Boukari Magnate II   Consultant
The google update announced on 1st August, 2018, is focused around specific improvements. This update is a broad core algorithm update, even if the updates are routinely made several times per year.
The early observations experts have noticed about this update are :
- 1. This update has mostly affected Your Money or Your Life sites.
- 2. Many sites in the diet, nutrition and medical device niches were greatly affected.
- 3. Many large changes with multiple locations across the country appear to have dropped in rankings in favor of smaller, locally based businesses.
Aug 7th 2018 09:40    Edited in Aug 9th 2018 20:42
Peter C. Professional  Marketing Consultant
google update is just to keep their Search Result Page free from low quality websites from showing up
Aug 9th 2018 18:39   
Stify George Innovator  Eating Disorder Therapist
It is basically an attempt to improve user search experience.
Aug 10th 2018 04:49   
Beyond Eleven Professional   Fresh Money Making Ideas
The latest 1st August, 2018 Google algorithm updates affected website's organic traffic -
positively or negatively - around the World.
Aug 22nd 2018 01:02   
Bhavin Tanti Advanced  CEO & Founder
The new Core search algorithm update does not suggest anything new. It advises the same thing you have been doing till now - have quality content on your website.
Nov 1st 2018 08:07   
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