What is more important the heart or the brain?

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Seema S. Advanced  Senior SEO Executive
It is not any food which is more tasty. Both are important.
Apr 19th 2019 02:04 


Free Classified - Best Tech Classified Senior  Free Classified
brain, if you control your brain as you want then heart will already healthy.
Apr 19th 2019 00:51   
Seema S. Advanced  Senior SEO Executive
It is not any food which is more tasty. Both are important.
Apr 19th 2019 02:04   
Herbal R. Advanced  Total Healthcare Supplement Review Guaranteed!
I'm pretty sure this question isn't meant to be taken literally. It's asking which is more important, logic or emotion.
I would say both are important, but logic should take precedence. The heart can sometimes tell you to do things that are bad for you in the long term.
Emotions occur when your mind and body adjust itself to a certain situation. For example, when we become angry, blood is diverted from the part of our brain that helps us understand people to the part of our brain that helps us insult people. So looking at it this way, you can say the heart is like a steering wheel, it decides where we go, and the brain is like an engine, it gets us there.
Apr 19th 2019 02:16   
Atocloud C. Innovator  Salesforce Developer In India
Both are important in there respect of work.
Apr 19th 2019 02:23   
MiaBella MediSpa Junior  MoaBella MediSpa
Both are Important, but heath is the most important.
Apr 19th 2019 02:48   
Robin Williams Freshman  Executive at CashOne
They both have their own functionality, So, both are important in their own ways.
Apr 19th 2019 03:01   
Jhon Mickel Innovator  Trainer
both are own importants..The heart on the other hand is a much simpler organ. Its complexity pretty much pales in comparison to the brain. ... Well, technically speaking, your body can still be alive without a brain.
Apr 19th 2019 03:29   
Maria Garcia Advanced  My Assignment Services
I think brain is more useful then heart but heart is also very important part of body.
Apr 19th 2019 07:15   
James Boond Innovator  software
organ is more important heart or brain
Apr 19th 2019 09:24   
Andrew James Innovator  Salesforce Bulk Object Field Creator
both are own importants.
Apr 20th 2019 00:42   
Vyapi Digital Media Advanced  Company
Both are equally important. you are nothing without both of them
Apr 20th 2019 01:25   
Purva Jain Freshman  graphic designer
Both Heart and Brain are important.
Apr 20th 2019 02:03   
Evan Nasseri Senior  Seo Expert
from the aspect of necessity i think there is a mirror standing up in between heart and brain...ha ha ha...
Apr 20th 2019 02:43   
Sumit Jha Innovator  Canada Immigration
Heart and brain are equally important!
Apr 20th 2019 04:01   
Indira IVF Advanced  Indira IVF Center For IVF, IUI, ICSI Treatment
Both are very Important And should be take care very necessary.
Apr 20th 2019 05:36   
Lalit Bisht Senior  Manager
Both are very important organs in our body but the brain is much more complicated than the heart. Technically speaking, your body can still be alive without a brain. On the other hand, it's pretty difficult for your body to be alive without a heart. In either circumstance, the quality of life is pretty poor without one or the other!
Apr 21st 2019 03:36   
Kosher River Cruise Advanced  Kosher Tour Operator
Both are important part of the body system.
Apr 21st 2019 23:34   
Kaira Kapoor Professional  MBD Group
Both are equally important
Apr 22nd 2019 01:57   
Billy Mark Senior  Online Blogger
heart is too important .....
Apr 22nd 2019 03:20   
Sarah Tan Professional  Sales Manager
Both heart and brain are important.
Apr 22nd 2019 03:35   
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