What is best for social marketing ? Facebook or Twitter?

Asked by Maya Foods, in Entertainment
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Devesh Chauhan Professional   seo expert, digital marketing, wordpress developer
I think both are equal for the social marketing. This question is like what is most important for leaving Air or Food & water? :)
Nov 8th 2017 05:26 


Siddharth Opticals Advanced  Opticals Online Shop
Facebook and Twitter both are very popular and very strong site and both are better for social marketing.
Aug 31st 2017 06:03   
Ben Hewsen Advanced  Service Associate
Twitter is the best for social marketing
Aug 31st 2017 06:16   
Vijaya Singh Innovator  Marketing Manager
Facebook and Twitter both are best for social marketing
Aug 31st 2017 06:25   
Sohan Singh Innovator  app developer
Facebook and Twitter both are best for social marketing
Aug 31st 2017 07:28   
OnlineIndia Cakes Advanced  Buy cakes online in India
Now a days, Facebook is best..
Aug 31st 2017 07:36   
Darby Hogan Innovator  Technical Support Engineer
My point of view facebook
Aug 31st 2017 08:53   
Arvin Apsen Advanced  Cell phone repair parts
You can use the two of them for a while and then select the good effect
Aug 31st 2017 22:12   
Hudson Mckenzie Advanced  Lawyers and Solicitors who understand you
Obviously, Facebook is best social media platform nowadays.
But you can't ignore twitter also.
Sep 1st 2017 02:01   
Jeet Kaushik Committed  Digital Marketer, Web Designer
Facebook and Twitter both are best for social marketing... But I prefer Facebook
Sep 1st 2017 02:14   
Summer Lili Advanced  Störsender/Signal Störgerät bei SKYLISHOP Kaufen
Facebook is the best social media platform
Sep 1st 2017 02:20   
Kosh Geet Advanced  I like Writing...
Facebook is Most Useful behind the reason we can share post on facebook with Unlimited Text. But in Twitter just 140 Character so i think Facebook.
Sep 1st 2017 04:43   
Nora S. Freshman  Mobile Data Recovery Expert
I prefer Facebook, since we can post in groups. And Twitter has character limited, which is not good.
Sep 1st 2017 04:45   
Rob Cool Advanced   waxpensales
Facebook is a best social media market
Sep 1st 2017 05:36   
Smooth Digital Junior  Smooth Digital
There are various social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. These social media platforms are depending on your type of businesses.

Facebook - Retailers, Food and Beverage, and other B2C industries.
Pinterest - If your business has great visuals ie. product driven or travel driven
LinkedIn - If you have B2B Services.
Sep 1st 2017 06:21   
Manage Teamz Committed  Live Tracking App for Sales Team | Service Busines
Both Facebook and Twitter are best social media marketing platforms.!!!
Sep 1st 2017 09:51   
Olivia Garcia Freshman  Tech Writer, Content Manager
I guess both have their own value but according to me, it should be Facebook.
Sep 1st 2017 16:48   
Ajeeb Media Senior  Relationships - business
twitter more active and can trend fast
Sep 2nd 2017 02:40   
Siva Rajan Advanced  Marketing Executive
both are the best social media network
Sep 2nd 2017 05:45   
Braj Mohan Sharma Professional  Technical
It is Facebook for according to me.
Sep 3rd 2017 11:23   
Marie Adela Senior  Network marketing
I think it is Facebook, as it has group function
Sep 3rd 2017 21:45   
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