What is always coming, but never arrives?

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Ajay Kumar Advanced  Digital Marketer
i hope time b'coz apna time nhi aayega
Apr 2nd 2019 06:07   
Deals Offers Committed  Website Development - Designing
hahaha LOLZZ -

i think its "Tomorrow"
Apr 2nd 2019 06:09   
Ajay Kumar Advanced  Digital Marketer
Yepppppppppppppppppppppppppp ri8..!!!!
Apr 2nd 2019 06:10   
Warren Contreras Magnate I   Old Retired Guy
I haven't heard this old joke for at least 60 years, when I was in grammar school.
Apr 2nd 2019 12:09   
Andy Anderson Professional   Owner Yuma Bloggers
Tomorrow never comes, it is always a day away from now so if you are putting your dreams off until tomorrow you may as well quit dreaming.
Apr 2nd 2019 20:01   
Claire Smith Committed   Technical Support
No one knows that they will see Tomorrow or not.
Apr 3rd 2019 02:29   
Deals Offers Committed  Website Development - Designing
@claire i agree with you
Apr 3rd 2019 03:44   
Shawn Wang Advanced  Best Printed Circuit Board
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Apr 3rd 2019 07:58   
Premium Kitchens Advanced   Premium Kitchens
I Think Dreams that always comes but never arrives!
Apr 3rd 2019 08:15   
Tips Clear Advanced   Blogger, Digital Marketer, SEO, SEM
Discounts and so-called Sales in online product sales
Apr 6th 2019 01:27   
Business Matchmaking App Junior  Event Planning
Tomorrow always comes but never arrives ....!!!!
Apr 9th 2019 07:50   
Jesitha Narg Senior  Want to develop your website similar to LinkedIn?
Tomorrow is the right answer!
Apr 11th 2019 00:24   
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