What are the top trending technologies in IT sector?

Asked by Arun Goyal, in Internet & eBusiness
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Ahwaan Singh Freshman  Digital Marketing Services
Swift, Hadoop & Python are the trending techs. in IT sector.
Feb 13th 2019 06:25   
Rahul Singh Advanced  Make My Business Online
Cognitive Technology
Feb 13th 2019 06:26   
Study Feeds Freshman  German Language Institute in Delhi
Some of Trending technologies of 2019 are

1) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

2) Machine Learning

3) Robotic process Automation:

4) Virtual reality and Augmented reality

5) Cyber Security

6) Internet of Things

7) Blockchain
Feb 14th 2019 01:08   
Sachin Gupta Advanced  Marketing Manager

The top trending technologies in IT sector are

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Internet of Things (IOT)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Feb 14th 2019 04:27   
Sports Geek Senior  Pro Sports Fan
Basically the trending technology in IT is anything that has to do with App development for smartphones.
Feb 14th 2019 05:13   
pulkit g. Freshman  online therapy
Artificial Intelligence,
Internet of Things,
Feb 14th 2019 06:52   
Furqan Ahmed Advanced  PRO BLOGGER & SEO EXPERT
Virtual reality (VR) ...
Touch commerce. ...
Cognitive Technology.
Angular and React
Internet of Things (IoT)
Intelligent Apps (I – Apps)
Big Data
RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
Feb 14th 2019 08:56   
Raps Smith Innovator  World Class Software Solutions
C# with .Net framework is getting widely used in mobile application and games development. Apart from this, blockchain technology, AI also in trend. Chetu is one of the best software development company for customized app development using C#.
Feb 15th 2019 09:29   
Rahul Singh Senior  Search Engine Optimizer
Block Chain is trending at top in Artificial Intlligence
Feb 16th 2019 05:31   
Mohammad Ali Freshman  Digital Marketing Expert
Artificial Intelligence is trending the whole world.
Feb 16th 2019 05:40   
Jacky Gu Advanced  Surfactant Products and Technologies
There are various sorts of industries that use this castor oil such as the Oil & Gas, Lubricants and Metalworking, Precision Cleaning and Industrial Specialties and Cosmetics businesses and in addition to sustenance fixings.
Feb 16th 2019 07:06   
Harry Patel Advanced  Sales Manager
Hadoop and Artificial Intelligence
Feb 18th 2019 06:51   
Thirunavukkarasu Sivasubramaniam Committed   Blogger on classical yoga studies
AI is the top trending technology that includes machine learning
Feb 21st 2019 00:20   
Ravi Dutt Sharma Committed   Digital Marketing
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