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Asked by Rajesh Kumar, in Internet & eBusiness
I want to know some other website similar to Apsense for creating my personal and business profiles
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Teodor Muntean Professional   Business Consultant
Ok Josh, send me your link by apsense mail or on and I will send you the Paradigm Shift link where I am one of the founders. Best regards!
Aug 24th 2012 10:45 


Teodor Muntean Professional   Business Consultant
Not many are paying as Apsense does. However, I am founder member of the Paradigm Shift that will pay all members. Social Marketing™ is the new GLOBAL PowerProfits™ program that guarantees that 100% of ALL members earn commissions every 6 days. If interested, please contact me for more details.
Aug 24th 2012 07:48   
Josh Hennion Professional   Team Leader with S.F.I.
SideTick and Peoplestring are another two good Social/Business networks to join. Please contact me and I will give you more details. You may have already heard of Facebook, if not ask me
Aug 24th 2012 08:12   
Teodor Muntean Professional   Business Consultant
I don't know SideTick but Peoplestring does nothing about paying just wasting time there, so I cancelled my account. They have tried to pay but just didn't work. About facebook, it is a big joke, that site is the worst one in the world. You wont find many serious business people wasting their time on facebook. However, for promotion and marketing the site is good but with no big results.
Aug 24th 2012 08:17   
Chuks Okonta Professional   Internet marketer
There is no such site like apsense in terms of payment, in terms of giving members access to tools, as a free member you earn. Try upgrade and earning increases, I will advice you to remaind in apsense, another site you can check is kooiii, or gbosocial just that they are new sites.
Aug 24th 2012 09:11   
Josh Hennion Professional   Team Leader with S.F.I.
@Teodor, I have been paid twice from SideTick so they are genuine
Aug 24th 2012 10:10   
Teodor Muntean Professional   Business Consultant
Ok Josh, send me your link by apsense mail or on and I will send you the Paradigm Shift link where I am one of the founders. Best regards!
Aug 24th 2012 10:45   
Josh Hennion Professional   Team Leader with S.F.I.
@Teodor, I have just mailed the link to you via APSense mail. Hope you like it
Aug 24th 2012 18:18   
Tom Jones Advanced   Web Development Company -TGRPL
If you guys have any similar site to Apsense than pls send it ti me.
Aug 25th 2012 04:26   
Pauline Burke Professional   Affiliate Marketing Online Business
I will mail the link to you.
Aug 25th 2012 21:26   
Daniel Ionel Committed   Marketing Assistant
Each program has his peculiarities and APSense I think that is unique by what he gives.
Aug 26th 2012 05:30   
Sharon Randolphs Senior  Internet Marketer
Each one their own pros and cons so its hard to do comparison on the business sites.
Aug 27th 2012 08:04   
Dicky Pranata Advanced   Online Business Networking
never seen before like this
Aug 28th 2012 21:18   
Harish Bhist Advanced   MLM Trainer & Authour
non. I find this is the best site in my knowledge.
Aug 29th 2012 09:42   
Nawa Raz Timsina Magnate I   Website Developer
not seen any other yet ....
Aug 30th 2012 00:38   
Joe Griffith Committed   Profesionsl marketer
There are lots of them, swon is another one
Aug 30th 2012 12:09   
Thomas Charlie Innovator  customer service
sideTick is a good one ..
Sep 4th 2012 05:51   
Gary Perdue Innovator  Full Time Internet Marketer
Tabzi is close. It is social networking for marketers. Only other would be IM Faceplate maybe?
Sep 10th 2012 04:20   
Rob Burns Advanced   Distributor - O2 World Wide
There are many online which you can build your business profile from and probably add some new clients as well. If interested, I can show you at least five that are close to this site and they pay every month.
Sep 11th 2012 12:24   
Ketan Parekh Senior  Senior SEO Executive
@Dicky Pranata - I totally agree with you.
Sep 13th 2012 09:49   
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