My keywords have disappeared from the top 10?

Asked by Linh Anh, in Marketing
Google Update 1/8: My keywords have disappeared from the top 10. :( Why???? @@


Jessica C. Advanced  Freelancer
-Check you webmaster, aka Google Console. See how your CTR was doing, it you weren't getting enough clicks then that might be it.

-Check you back links, if you have any low quality high volume backlinks and disavow them

-See your competitors, check their title, description, backlinks, content and see how can you improve to reach them again.
Aug 5th 2018 03:00   
Kinjal Sharma Innovator  Education builds Character
I am also facing this same issue. I talked with other SEO specialists, they said some google update is going on. Everything will alright. Let's see what happens next.
Aug 5th 2018 11:28   
Janet J. Freshman  official worker
only wait and there is no other ways
Aug 5th 2018 21:44   
Linh Anh Advanced  Thẩm mỹ da
I think this google update focuses on internal link and external link.
Aug 6th 2018 04:04   
Jessica C. Advanced  Freelancer
There were also update from Google algorithm, mostly about the trust and authorities of the website content, especially if it is Food, nutrition and medicine niche..
Aug 6th 2018 06:02   
Perkin Steel Advanced  Perkin Knives
I think you should check your website robot tag whether it is ok or not, if it is ok then check your backlinks quality, remove spammy links through webmaster.
Aug 9th 2018 00:28   
Forever Agency Junior  Creative Agency
Have you checked search console for any crawl errors?
Aug 10th 2018 06:12   
health c. Freshman  doctor
Has anyone found the cause and how to overcome it?
Aug 11th 2018 02:56   
David Paul Advanced   finance courses delhi ncr
it's google update so you have to wait
Aug 13th 2018 02:43   
Vidit Agarwal Committed  Marketing Director
Have you checked on page seo for your website?
Aug 22nd 2018 07:28   
Impact Digitally Junior  Grow your Business
Did you made any changes on website past?
Aug 31st 2018 08:59   
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