My Article is Archive automatically any chance to recover ?

Asked by Yog Peeth, in Others


Ankita Mathur Committed  Medical Consultant
There is no chance to recover your Article, because Apsense is remove your authority which you can used to edit or delete your article.
Sep 13th 2017 03:57   
Yog Peeth Senior  Yoga Peeth
Thank you Mam :( That's mean everyone lost their all articles
Sep 13th 2017 04:01   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II   Better World Partisan
Left menu "Add-ons Services" / "Articles" => "Your Articles" or "Your Archives"
Sep 13th 2017 04:02   
Yog Peeth Senior  Yoga Peeth
I dont Find any kind of this in add on services
Sep 13th 2017 04:06   
Yog Peeth Senior  Yoga Peeth
Thanks I got it in archives
Sep 13th 2017 04:08   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II   Better World Partisan
Yog @sonisharma7776 , You're Welcome. :-)
Sep 13th 2017 04:26   
Sunil Limaye Innovator  MARKETER
You have not mentioned on which platform your article is archived. Please provide more information. If it is on apsense you have already got it .
Sep 13th 2017 22:11   
James Miller Advanced  Professional Writer (Chemicals)
No. Don't worry if your article is archived because even if you used old URL for promotion then it will automatically redirect to your archived article URL.
5 hours ago   
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