Most people, on an average, will fall in love approximately seven times before marriage.?

Asked by INDRAJEET SINGH CHAUHAN, in Home & Family
why............... plz tellme


Gary Pearce Junior  Positive Affirmations to help you succeed
Not entirely true I have only been in love twice before I met my wife. But I do believe you have to go through it so you know what it is like to lose something you love.
Jan 29th 2020 13:50   
Lisa H. Advanced  SEO Expert
Not true if you fall in love seven time than i said it's not love it's the sexually affection by the opposite gender.
Jan 29th 2020 22:44   
Kajal Aggarwal Advanced   Send Me Request!!
On average, people fall in love seven times before getting married. Seven may be an overstated number for real lovers. But for those who fall in love with every second person they have a crush on, the number might be less.
Jan 30th 2020 01:20   
Roman S. Committed   Business Creativity Mentor
People definitely fall before marriage but it is hard to say how many times...
Jan 31st 2020 05:27   
Robert Stevenson Advanced  Bob's Digital products
Got to find the right person that your going to spend the rest of your life
with right all they are doing is shopping look at it this way how many times do you
or spend time in a clothes store before you find that right pair of pants you want ?
Feb 11th 2020 12:49   
The Supplement Study Advanced  Safe & Effective Supplements
It depend on the person who have soft emotions can fall in affection (likeness) many times not in love with the kind person or kind hearten.
Mar 5th 2020 00:25   
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