Is There A Such Thing as GOOD Black Hat SEO?

Asked by Cacey Taylor, in Internet & eBusiness
White is considered good and black is bad. White hat usually does good for people with money. Is there good SEO techniques that are considered Black Hat?


Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon I Premium Native speaking English teacher
is there such a thing as a good bad person?

Dec 6th 2018 07:59   
Shop Hoop Junior  shophoop provides best computer component
If you want to promote or want to enhance your website result instantly on SERP then you can use black hat seo but using these techniques your website rank is not stable for more time .
Dec 6th 2018 08:12   
Alexander A. Committed   Digital Marketing Consultant
Nice Answer @Steven A. Donaldson
Dec 6th 2018 08:13   
Mason Olivia Advanced  Digital Marketing
If you want to promote or want to instantly rank of your website then you can do black hat Seo but your site ranking is not stable for long time.
Dec 7th 2018 01:01   
Aegis Soft Tech Innovator  Prominent Mobile Application and Offshore Software
No, there is no such thing because black Black Hat SEO is considered as bad according to the Google Guidelines.
Dec 7th 2018 01:04   
George Young Advanced  Digital Marketer
Good Black Hat SEO? You saying to thief that steal anything but please don't steal the most expensive one. Be a good thief. Buddy there is nothing like Good black hat seo. Its name justifies it as it is a shear spamming and effects one's website to an extent that it could even penalize your site. Nowadays, Google is also very strict over black hat seo.
Dec 7th 2018 02:05   
Dan Carter Senior   Is there ever a perfect time?
There are no good black hat SEO hacks that will give your page any real value that the search engine will deliver you more traffic. There are some gray area hacks that will helps when you make post on high rannking blogs to get Private Network Blog backlink that show your content is contributing as some of their visitors are coming to your site to find solution to their challenge.
Dec 7th 2018 09:00   
Kaajal Singh Professional   Analyst
If you are doing short term business then it is very useful for you other wise it's very harmful for the website.
Dec 8th 2018 01:42   
Cacey Taylor Advanced  Affiliate Marketer
Thank you all for the responses. WOW!, I honestly thought there would be at least 1 or some good ones.
Dec 8th 2018 20:14   
đa khoa đại đông Freshman  lở loét vùng kín nữ
i think it's spam link :))))
Dec 9th 2018 21:31   
Crossgraphic Ideas Senior  we beat your ideas
it's spam link :))))
In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology, black hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focus only on search engines and not a human audience, and usually does not obey search engines guidelines
Dec 10th 2018 00:17   
Devid Henary Advanced  Analyst
I think It's not good.
Dec 10th 2018 00:27   
Crossgraphic Ideas Senior  we beat your ideas
why not good its only spam method
Dec 10th 2018 00:35   
Steven Taylor Advanced  Expert
Black hat SEO”, “Dirty SEO” and on the malicious side, “SEO Poisoning”, is the practice of increasing a site or page’s rank in search engines through methods that violate a search engine’s terms of service. Do you remember in the old western movies they distinguished the “bad guys” wearing black hats, from the “good guys” wearing white hats? “Black hat” has been adopted to describe virus creators, hackers, and others that perform unethical actions with computers.
Dec 10th 2018 01:17   
info campus Junior  ReactJS Institute in Bangalore
If you want to use Black Hat Seo technique you can use it and anyway it will give instant results in rankings and traffic but simultaneously after a few days your website will face Google penalty and your site will almost fade away from Google top 50/100 ranks, the penalty depends on how much you tried to use black hat techniques for the site.
Dec 10th 2018 01:51   
Arika Ballot Advanced  Seo Executive
No, there is no such thing because black Black Hat SEO is considered as bad according to the Google Guidelines.
Dec 10th 2018 04:48   
Peshce Whoelsale Junior  Turkish Towel is high-quality, 100% natural Turkis
NO.......These is no such things
Dec 12th 2018 04:15   
Shop Hoop Junior  shophoop provides best computer component
its true if you use black hat seo you improve your ranking but its not right way recording to google guideline .because google can't accept spaming,keyword stuffing ,duplicate content which is the base of black hat seo
Dec 13th 2018 07:10   
Java India Freshman  Java Web Development Company
No Black Hat SEO is not good for long term business.
Dec 27th 2018 01:59   
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