Is social media good or bad?

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Pooja Sharma Advanced  Casino Games
Social media is a good for everyone
Apr 26th 2019 04:38   
Akbar A. Committed   teacher
I think it is good one can learn here.
Apr 29th 2019 04:04   
Eva Taylor Advanced  Consultant
As it is said that coin has two sides head and tail, so does social media having both positive as well as negative effects. Social Media is really a good platform to share your thoughts and getting to know about what is really happening all around you. But it is also considered to be bad when its overused like the overuse of anything is said and considered to be bad. So make sure you make a wise choice.
May 23rd 2019 03:13   
Leonie Easterbrook Senior   Network Marketing
If used properly it can be beneficial in regards to online business to grow and expand your presence.
Jun 8th 2019 00:33   
Varsha Kirmane Innovator  Marketing Executive
Social Media is best platform for sharing your innovative ideas and also to promote your business online.
Jun 21st 2019 01:11   
Laura Lia Junior  Laura is a complete Developer with experience in b
Social Media is a good platform to depends on your requirements
Jun 24th 2019 05:12   
Toyota Ninh Kieu Junior  Toyota Car Dealers
i think social media is good for SEO, for having traffic to website in the first time.
Jun 26th 2019 03:36   
Dhruv Thaker Innovator  Web Developer, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur
Social media is definitely a good platform if you utilize it for growing your knowledge.
Aug 13th 2019 06:23   
Kapil Verma Freshman  I am a freelancer Digital Marketer
Both its upto you how you use it.
Aug 23rd 2019 10:46   
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