How to Increase AdSense CPC?

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You know how to Increase AdSense CPC?


Ayojide Buremoh Magnate I   Smart Solutions
Improve on using high demand keywords on Posts and Articles.
Also Publish unique and productive articles.
Apr 9th 2018 13:10   
Lisamark Free Advanced  shop online
Focus your page on keywords that cost most to AdWords users, Use Channels to increase your AdSense CPC, Place your ads carefully so that Google provides top CPC placements where your visitors are most likely to click, and.
Apr 10th 2018 00:48   
Cymetrix Software Innovator  Salesforce Partners in USA
Below are some of the Tips to Increase Adsense CPC

1. Get Quality Traffic
2. Do Your Research
3. The Entire Domain Counts
4. Balance Ad Blocks Numbers with Content Length
5. Analyze Your Ad Placement
6. Use AdSense Channels to Increase AdSense CPC
7. Text, Image and Video AdSense Adverts
8. Why Google Recommends Image and Video Ads
9. Improving Your AdSense CTR for Higher Online Income
10. Using Heat Maps
Apr 10th 2018 01:29   
Ente G. Advanced  LED lighting for sale
Actually you need get more and more traffic for your website.
Apr 10th 2018 04:19   
Najam Sg Advanced  SEO Analyst
Its depends cpc rate is connected with KoD. to get more click improve the QoS
Apr 10th 2018 06:07   
Devesh Chauhan Professional   seo expert, digital marketing, wordpress developer
When you place AdSense blocks on your web pages and blogs, you get paid a percentage of what advertisers pay Google. Currently this is 68% of the bid price for that advert. So if somebody is paying Google $2 for every click on a specific advert for a specific keyword, then you get $1.36 every time a visitor to your site clicks on that advert if Google has placed it on your page.

There are two factors involved here: the CPC and CTR (Click Through Rate) – the latter is the ratio of visitors who actually click on an advert rather than just read the page content and ignore the ads. A high CTR is often better than a high CPC.
Apr 12th 2018 06:34   
faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
Yes but be careful. If CTR is too high it begins to look suspicious (like you're telling people to click the ads) and Google will suspend your account with no means to ever recover it
Apr 14th 2018 00:13   
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