How many gods exist in reality?

Asked by Franto Hruz, in Society & News
Nature unfolds & changes continuously all the time with out any help from ANY gods. Life on earth is a natural development. Humans are a product of natural evolution. They invented many religions & different mythical gods, non of which have any use for, or power over the essence & the substance of nature - so why are so many still confused, even today, by non-existing gods & outdated religions?

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Piyush Goyal Junior  E-commerce Adviser
Dear Franto,
God is one and No one can define it. The whole universe are in God Control, if want to find to God in reality then read all the religious book after that you definitely gets your answer.
Apr 25th 2018 01:57 


Otilia Moldovan Committed   Affiliate Marketer
There is only one God.
Oct 3rd 2019 11:57   
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