How many apps do you regularly use on your mobile devices?

Asked by Helder Ventura, in Communications


Erick Tyler Advanced  Cyber Security
Near about five Apps and all are social media apps
Jun 28th 2017 01:22   
Angela Ou Advanced  dieselgeneratortech
More than 10 apps, including social media apps, chat apps, finance app, etc
Jun 28th 2017 05:20   
Emedihelp Online Innovator  Hospitals and Doctors Helpline
about 60-70 apps are in my phone. Frequently used apps are nearly 5. Youtube,hotstar,whatsapp,facebook,twitter,gmail
Jun 28th 2017 05:33   
Riyan Singh Advanced  SEO
There’s almost always an app for that, whether “that” is a taxi service, food delivery or a video game. But with so many popping up all the time, how often are any of them being used?
Jun 28th 2017 08:55   
Helen Chan Senior  consultant
About 12 apps, every apps are important.
Jun 28th 2017 21:37   
Mohamed Kandil Innovator  kandil
about 20 apps are in my device
Jun 28th 2017 21:44   
Vijay Samant Freshman  Digital marketing analyst
About 10 apps are in my device
Jun 29th 2017 01:33   
Exam Good Advanced  consultant
about 8 apps are in my device
Jun 29th 2017 02:00   
James Miller Advanced  Professional Writer (Chemicals)
I use 20+ apps in my android smartphone.
Jun 29th 2017 02:33   
Anandam Community Junior  Anandam - One of the best retirement Communities i
Most of Social Media Apps
Jun 29th 2017 03:57   
Sarah S. Innovator  DIgital Marketing
Near About 10 apps in my android smartphone.
Jun 29th 2017 18:35   
Loukas Papathanasiou Magnate I  AffiliateMarketer
About 20 apps in my android smartphone.
Jul 5th 2017 11:33   
Stafine Wang Innovator  Sales manager
10 apps,16G storage...
Jul 5th 2017 23:17   
Eden Smith Freshman  Online E-Services Marketplace for
10 to 15 apps which is always useful for daily life just like m-indicator, Bhim apps, smartfind app and other social media apps.
Aug 3rd 2017 02:39   
Huawei_Consumer India Innovator  Make it Possible
It depends your requirement. Generally...5 to 10 Apps
Jan 19th 2018 02:02   
Sourabh Kumar Professional   Article Promoter
Approx 7-12 App we use Instagram, Paytm Youtube,Hotstar, Whatsapp,Facebook,Twitter, Gmail ,Google Duo App
May 1st 2018 03:15   
Shekhar C. Professional   Digital Marketer
Totally Depends on Requirement because you have lots of apps in mobile but everyday you are using only some of because of requirement.
May 1st 2018 03:18   
Amit Tiwari Advanced  SEM/Digital Marketing Expert
It's depends on your requirement but generally 10-12 apps
May 1st 2018 07:25   
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