How i can create dynamic ads in Adwords and facebook ?

Asked by Dhanu Singh, in Marketing
Please help me someone, step by step so i create create Ads


Airline Tollfree Freshman  I am Travel agent
I thinks Its very long producer but I think google Adwords only provider dynamic ads.
May 16th 2018 05:32   
David Paul Advanced   finance courses delhi ncr
i also want to learn how to make ads
May 16th 2018 09:52   
Douven Athena Innovator  Web Designer
Publishing links and product images, description
May 17th 2018 00:07   
agha raza Innovator  agha
dynamic ads can make only in google adwords. And its very long producer.
May 17th 2018 01:19   
Dianna Bernard Advanced   Online Marketer
You can use YouTube to find videos to help you do these this.

1) Go to YouTube
2) Type in your question
3) Chek the resukts and choose video

For example, place the following in the Search bar and check the results

For Google AdWords
How to create your first Google Adwords Campaign - Full Tutorial by Dusty Porter

For Facebook Ads
How To Create and Manage Facebook Ads- FACEBOOK Tutorial

Take your time and choose which videos that you like.
May 18th 2018 17:10   
Sagar Singh Advanced   Digital marketer
use SMM or GOOGLE ADWORDS for creating lead generation ads that help you to increase your business
May 19th 2018 02:57   
Julio Peres Advanced  mechanical technician
Before you begin

To take full advantage of dynamic search ads, follow these best practices:

Before creating ads, make adjustments to improve your website. The quality of the site is as important as the quality of the ads. See tips on how to improve your website.
Include descriptions for your ads. Make sure your ads are relevant to the people you want to reach. Learn how to create great ads.
Keep mobile devices in mind. Dynamic search ads appear on mobile devices for customers who are searching or browsing the Internet while moving from one place to another. Learn how to improve your mobile site.
Make sure your site is accessible. When the content of the sites is generated dynamically, Google may have difficulty recognizing it and creating ads. Learn how to make your site more accessible.
Create campaigns in a single language. If the website domain has pages in multiple languages and you want to target searches to your ads based on all those pages, create a new campaign for each language.

How to enable dynamic ads

1- Log in to your AdWords account.

2 - In the Pages Menu on the left, click Campaigns.

3 - Click the plus button and select New Campaign.

4 - Select Search Network.

5 - Select one or more goals for your campaign. If you prefer, uncheck "Use Goals" and continue without goals.

6 - Enter the domain (name of the site) to which you want to target your ads, then click Continue.

7 - Name your campaign, select the languages and locations for which you want to target your ads.

8 - Choose an "automatic bidding strategy" if you want Google to optimize your bids. We recommend using the desired CPA or Enhanced CPC.

9 - Enter your bid limit (optional) and budget.

10 - Expand the Additional Settings and click Dynamic Search Ads.

11 - Select the Enable dynamic search ads for this campaign check box.

12 - Click Save and continue.
May 21st 2018 00:30   
DIgital Aim School Advanced  Digital Markting Trainer
dynamic ads can make only in google adwords and bing ads center but for this you have to open account with them.
Jun 13th 2018 06:19   
Craig Chappel Advanced   Educational Researcher
@Julio Peres @Dianna Bernard You both are explained well. Though many technical steps are also there.
Jun 20th 2018 03:22   
Đài Phun Nước Mini Innovator  Đài Phun Nước Mini
I thinks Its very long producer but I think google Adwords only provider dynamic ads
Jul 5th 2018 09:42   
Lucy H. Senior  SEO manager
I thinks Its very long producer but I think google Adwords only provider dynamic ads.
Jul 12th 2018 02:18   
Agilex Fragrances Senior  Fragrance Manufacturer & Supplier
Now Facebook even performing dynamic ads, you can get more info from both help centers of Facebook & GoogleAds
Jul 20th 2018 04:03   
Petrus S. Professional   Webmaster
Hello, I present the Perfect Clone of Facebook, More FREEDOM, Without control, More secure
Aug 20th 2018 07:51   
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