How Google Adwords getting banned for suspicious IP activity?

Asked by Ravi Dutt Sharma, in Affiliate Marketing
So now that you know the ins and outs of click fraud, you’re probably wondering whether malicious clicks are happening in YOUR account. Welp, before you launch into a full-on bout of paranoia, let me reassure you that there is a TON you can do to identify whether you are a victim of click fraud! To get the full rundown, I turned to WordStream’s Evan Cummins to see what our Managed Services Team is doing to monitor their clients’ accounts. Evan explained that, depending on the time and resources you can commit to monitoring click fraud, you can approach the problem one of two ways: through manual analysis or an automated solution.


Caleb E. Innovator  Tech News updates, Phone Specs and Free browsing
Obviously, it's vpn user that cause it
Feb 21st 2018 05:17   
KPD Audio Freshman  CEO
có rất nhiều cách.
1: cài đặt hitast.
2: cài code quét ip
3: ...
Feb 21st 2018 21:35   
Inez Cilik Advanced  MbahOnline.Com
At least link to the complete post so other members can read it.
Feb 26th 2018 03:34   
Digi Pro93 Junior  marketing online
việc click tặc đã khiến cho những người quảng cáo Google Adwords tốn một khoản phí không nhỏ. Kinh nghiệm là bạn có thể sử dụng Google Analytic để tìm kiếm các địa chỉ IP truy cập hàng ngày vào cùng một thời điểm và loại trừ chúng ta khỏi danh sách hiển thị quảng cáo. Chúc bạn thành công.
Mar 14th 2018 04:30   
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