How do Guys Feel About a Girl Proposing?

Asked by Tarun Gupta, in Relationships
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faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
I wouldn't assume to speak for all guys.....but I think it's perfectly fine.It's 2018, or at least it was the last time I looked. And even if it weren't, I have been proposed to and readily answered yes. ;)
Feb 8th 2018 06:33   
Rcitymall Mumbai Junior  RCity Mall
There is very less chances of girl proposing a guy. Buy if a girl truly loves a guy...she will definately propose the guy and guy will feel in the same way as girls do
Feb 9th 2018 01:27   
Nick Wilson Junior  Auto Body Repair Center
If a girl proposes it means she knows what she wants. She can easily take a stand. A smart guy will appreciate it.
Feb 9th 2018 01:42   
Tadeusz Trzaskowski Advanced   Online Marketer
Perhaps I'm a bit old-fashioned in this matter but I think doing it this way reverses the mankind-old role setup where the man is the hunter, main breadwinner and defender of the weak and the family, also the chivalry concept. The woman proposing (whatever that means) to the man makes the latter feel awkward and out of his traditional role. Not a good recepe for a lasting and rewarding relationship I'm afraid.
Feb 9th 2018 04:59   
Evan Nasseri Innovator  This is Evan, an expert in Internet Marketing
There is very low chances of girl proposing a guy.
Feb 9th 2018 11:41   
Amy H. Advanced  Editor
If it's the time, i would propose to my boyfriends. But i still think it is better for man to do it.
Feb 10th 2018 21:07   
Jerry Robertson Freshman  Article writer
That's a good question. As a man myself, I cannot speak for all of us of course, but from what I know of my surroundings, at least in my city most of the guys would feel awkward, to say the least, but that is a mere reflection of our patriarchal society. I am afraid that until next century, males would feel awkward about this, some even offended maybe (because of pride of course), considering that our society is in the middle of slowly shifting towards a true equality between men and women.
Feb 11th 2018 06:08   
Liu Yang Innovator  Blogger
I'm still not sure. For me it is awkward.
Feb 12th 2018 04:02   
Jacky Lee Freshman  website marketing
it's very cool, it needs a lot of confidence and braveness.
Feb 12th 2018 21:14   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon I Premium Native speaking English teacher
It would be cool but no true lady would do such a thing!
Feb 13th 2018 01:54   
James Jones Innovator  Online Marketer
It will be an awesome feeling for a boy ;)
Feb 15th 2018 03:02   
Looper R. Senior   Digital Marketing
In my way, it's very complicated for guys and girls.
Feb 19th 2018 02:13   
Victoria Banks Professional   Entrepreneur / Marketer /Fashion
Hi Liu Yang, thank you very much for your recommendation and kind such words. I appreciate you! Enjoy you day everyone!
Feb 27th 2018 12:26   
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