How can we teach a baby pet ?

Asked by Ankit Bhati, in Pets & Animals
help me if you can?


Buyers Reviews Senior  Health & Fitness
You will easily teach them with your care and love.
Sep 12th 2019 01:58   
Nguyễn Nga Advanced  Nhân viên
You can teach baby pet by sign language.
Sep 27th 2019 02:34   
Robert Stevenson Advanced  Bob's Digital products
it's take time to train your dog I did it and worked with my dog for weeks and after very time i show him what i want him to do give a small treat and work on it for weeks everyday my dog know hand signs to sit, spin and bown down with his butt up because he know he is going to get something to eat if he does it
Oct 11th 2019 08:54   
Robert Stevenson Advanced  Bob's Digital products
Got to work with them everyday do what you want them to do over and over and over for hours and after each time you show them what you want them to do got to give them a small treat
Oct 28th 2019 08:06   
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