How can I make a good video for my website?

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Guillermo V. Committed   Musician
How can I make a good video for my website? With AVS Video Editor and Wondershare
Oct 3rd 2017 12:25   
William Clinkscales Magnate I   DB Developer/Tech, Affiliate IM
Use Camtasia. Contact me, I can get v7 for you free.
Oct 3rd 2017 12:32   
Sanjeev Mishra Advanced  SEO Expert
search on google....
Oct 3rd 2017 12:37   
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Oct 3rd 2017 18:32   
Nguyen Anh Tuan Advanced  Tuaninet
i think you should use proshow producer. It's so great
Oct 3rd 2017 22:56   
Nu Phu Khang Innovator  Nữ Phụ Khang
proshow producer or idoo video editor or camtasia are free for you. They're don't make you disappointed
Oct 3rd 2017 23:46   
Sunny K. Professional  Trending News
Suggest Good Video Editor TOol
Oct 4th 2017 01:04   
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Refer to Professionals
Oct 4th 2017 02:36   
Thomas Cramphon Freshman  Professional Gardener
1.Keep your explanation short

The length of your script will depend on your audience. If you want an internet surfer to check on your video, it should be compelling and address their needs.

2. Convey your message in the first 30 seconds.

Reduce the message of your entire video to one sentence and get that sentence somewhere in the first 30 seconds of the script. This will tell your audience what to pay attention in the video.

3. Speak directly to your audience.

Use personal pronouns like “you” and “your”.
Show them things they care deeply about. I.e., how we can help them to solve their problem or improve their own bottom line.
Don’t waste time in telling them what they already know. Focus on what they need to know about you that will bring them to trust you and to take the action you want them to take.
Make friends with them and they will be far more likely to give you a chance to sell them something.
4. Use the right tone.

Use the tone in your video with a clear picture of your audience/customer in mind. Write a one sentence summary describing why you are making the video and what you want the viewer to do at the end of it. (You may decide you want an office head talking, a brief classroom style presentation, a bold outdoor documentary or a colourful animated review.)

The tone you choose for your video will then drive your choice of setting, narrator or cast, tempo, pace and type of dialogue for the script.

5. Tell a story.

Most explainer video scripts;

Present a problem (Steve is worried about his business, not enough customers),
Introduce a solution (Steve decides to create a website, do branding and social media campaigns),
Explain how it works (Design Direct UK is all affordable, quick ...blah blah blah)
Drive viewers to action (Sign up or contact).
Dry facts such as statistics and definitions are okay in the classroom, and for students. It is always good to avoid lifeless content whenever possible. Instead, use the power of the screen to show your audience actual people your company has helped, or benefits your services have bestowed on your customers.

The better you tell stories about yourself, the more likely your viewers are going to understand what your company is offering and what it can do for them.

6. Limit your words in explainer videos

Keep the dialogues between 125 and 150 words a minute. Even if you are able to speak 200 or more words per minute on your own, keep in mind that the voiceover needs time to breathe, allowing viewers to absorb what you’re saying (this is true if the content is particularly dense or technical in nature).

7. Check what others feel

When producing an explainer video, take the time necessary to do it right. Get feedback from friends and co-workers, and make sure it’s engaging and easy to understand.

8. Keep your work legal

Whether your video is a personal project or a business venture, beware of violating copyright law. This includes copyrighted music, logos (yes, even the Apple logo on your MacBook counts), images, and video. If you’re looking for royalty-free content, check out iStockPhoto, TuneFruit, SoundCloud, Free Music Archive, Vimeo Music Store, and ccMixter.

What results can you expect?

Now, that you have created your video and got it running. The results may vary according to your video content, the audience selection, preference and their needs.

However, statistical reports say that;

26% looked for more information about the subject of the video
22% visited the website named in the ad
15% visited the company represented in the video ad
12% purchased the specific product featured in the ad
Tracking the Results

Effective video marketing has to be engaging right from the start, but how do you know, what is happening with your video? That’s where video analytics comes in. Detailed video analytics will tell you who’s watching your video, how long they stay engaged and exactly where they click away. Armed with that information, you can sharpen your message and target it more precisely. If you haven’t started your own video marketing campaign, it’s time start. There’s nothing to lose and about 400% more profit just waiting for you.
Oct 4th 2017 02:50   
OKO Jersey Advanced  Wholesale Soccer and Football Jerseys
Search on Google you will get many tools for making video.
Oct 4th 2017 03:57   
Miro Zecevic Freshman  I have broad learning in macro finance, creative f
Refer to Professionals
Oct 4th 2017 05:32   
Celia Egan Innovator  Technical Support Engineer
You can Use Camtasia. Really very good software personally recommended
Oct 4th 2017 05:52   
Synergy Webdesigners Freshman  Web Developers, Designers, SEO Expert
If you don't have much of experience in video editing or mixing.. you can use movavi software. It can help you.. even i does same
Oct 4th 2017 08:00   
Edward W. Junior  SEO Manager, Blogger
You can use Adobe After Effect. But it's kinda hard to use for newbies
Oct 4th 2017 22:25   
Martin Tang Junior  Digital Marketing Specialist
The faster way is using your smartphone to record videos that can speak to your target audience. Sometimes simple but straightforward video work incredibly effective to your business objective
Oct 4th 2017 23:54   
Rahul Yadav Advanced  Blogger
There are many tools to create a Videos, but most of the websites are not having proper video player . so HD videos, animated videos are not properly working.. SO be aware on this

For make a good video for website use wordpress html5 video player | Flash Player | Plugin
Oct 5th 2017 00:38   
Isabella Jones Advanced  Internet and Technical Executive
you can use Adobe After Effects, also you can use various online animated maker tools
Oct 5th 2017 02:42   
tynatran9291 Trần Advanced  1991
Tôi cũng đang quan tâm điều này, cần một video chất lượng cho web với nội dung độc đáo, lạ và thu hút người xem, nhằm tạo khách hàng chú ý đến.
Oct 5th 2017 03:45   
Roman S. Senior   Business Creativity Mentor
Go on Fiverr, find a serious video making freelancer and risk 15 bucks to have a good video.
Oct 5th 2017 05:12   
Maulik Shah Advanced  Owner
Search on Google you will get many tools for making video.
Oct 5th 2017 07:41   
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