Have you ever tried promoting tires online as an affiliate?

Asked by Mike G., in Automotive


Zoran J. Advanced   SFI BTL
interesting question, but I did not do it nor do I know that someone is
Jul 28th 2014 09:48   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Zoran J., there it is if little or no one is doing it then it could take little effort to market and make money off of it don't you think? Thanks for the share.
Aug 1st 2014 17:32   
Georges Van den Brande Committed   Internet Marketer
I don't think this will work. Not very rewarding I suppose.
Aug 31st 2014 04:02   
Yogesh Shinde Professional Be a solopreneur
No I have not affilitate marketing is not my cup of tea.
Sep 11th 2014 06:46   
Oswald Rodrigues Professional
I haven't but I know a few affiliates who promote high-ticket items and are doing extremely well. It takes the same amount of effort to promote high-ticket items as low-ticket ones but the rewards are far greater.
Sep 11th 2014 09:56   
Sylvia Guillemette Senior  Publisher, Advertiser, Writer
Yes. Back then when I signed up (2007), I did not know what I do now about how to promote these things properly. I will be doing it again soon.
Feb 17th 2015 14:31   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Sylvia Guillemette, good for you and I wish you the best! If you need someone to bounce ideas off of feel free to contact me. Thanks
Feb 17th 2015 22:05   
Sylvia Guillemette Senior  Publisher, Advertiser, Writer
Thanks a bunch Mike! I appreciate it! :D
Feb 18th 2015 13:17   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Sylvia Guillemette, thank you for your time and response.
Feb 19th 2015 09:12   
Sayed Abdallah Committed   smart , strong , smile
I want to buy car battery online, but i am not decided which brands batteries is good or long time usable & where to buy. If anyone shop car battery online and having good experiance than please sugge...
Aug 25th 2016 05:07   
Sylvia Guillemette Senior  Publisher, Advertiser, Writer
No I haven't ... not yet.
Jan 4th 2018 15:46   
Monasso Ev Advanced  Monasso ev
No i haven't tried promoting tires online as an affiliate.
Apr 6th 2018 02:39   
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