Empower Network.. are the rumors true?

Asked by Cindy Bolley, in Communications
I am wondering if the latest news I heard about Empower Network is TRUE?

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Frank Ransome Advanced  Webmaster
Didnt they just have a NEW Program out to promote.. What happened?
Aug 3rd 2017 13:05 


Sam and Joe Spider Advanced  Content Crawler
I saw a post that they have filed for bankruptcy...... Not sure how true that is though.. is that what you were referring to?
Aug 3rd 2017 12:33   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
Yes.... That was what prompted the question... I only saw one post about it.. I was wondering if anyone else has had heard anything. To be honest .. I have heard NOTHING in months about them.. Never had any interest in joining that..
Aug 3rd 2017 12:35   
Frank Ransome Advanced  Webmaster
Didnt they just have a NEW Program out to promote.. What happened?
Aug 3rd 2017 13:05   
Abdou Sani Boukari Magnate II   Consultant
You have some titles on the web talking about the possible bankruptcy of empower network. Like for example :
Aug 3rd 2017 15:20   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
I guess time will tell.... Thanks for the input Frank and Abdou
Aug 3rd 2017 15:27   
John Bisbal Professional  Independent Member Director
Yeah most they folded
Aug 3rd 2017 15:44   
faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
Cool! Less spam emails telling me I have earned money that doesn't exist!
Aug 3rd 2017 17:07   
Franto Hruz Magnate I   Offer Value - Build a Team
What a sad saga for all who lost a pile of money with this BS ... these things will simply go on under a different name with other players as long as people let themselves be taken in by all these unreal stories of mystical gods and tails of good sounding, fast talking miracle cure promoters - on a smaller scale, that's what sells lottery tickets ... :)
Aug 3rd 2017 17:14   
John Bisbal Professional  Independent Member Director
I starting over 10 years ago online for over 6 years I looked at and joined many companies. about 4 years ago someone reach out and changed my life. With his amazing 14 year company we don't sell anything, we don't have people buy anything, we show people how to earn money from the daily activities they are already doing online. BEST PART is you join for FREE without giving a credit card and start earning. private message me and will gladly share so you can see what helped me work from home full time
Aug 4th 2017 07:03   
Isabel Pato Junior  Consultant
Well, I have join to the program, but i quitt...
Aug 5th 2017 03:18   
Eva Dias Senior  dona de casa
Eu também estou me ajuntando agora nas empresas pretendo continuar e não desistir
Feb 14th 2018 06:05   
Brenda W. Professional   Life Learner
Not sure what the rumors are, but was a member for a while some time ago. Never did earn any money.
Apr 16th 2018 16:08   
William Clinkscales Magnate I   DB Developer/Tech, Affiliate IM
My Darling Cindy, as you probably know I use to be affiliated with EN and a personal friend of Dave Woods) made tons of money, however EN is no longer, Shame, they had a great culture, however I know a couple of secrets, Dave is now associated with a couple other companies called ITN, Pretty much all about Crypto,and World Ventures that was his big move, He actually allowed us to auto-add our matrix followings to the new World Ventures Platform if we wished to do so, with a special contract with the company. It's complicated, so I'll stop there. All is good with Dave but EN is gone, just saying, cheers.
Apr 16th 2018 17:37    Edited in Apr 16th 2018 17:49
William Clinkscales Magnate I   DB Developer/Tech, Affiliate IM
@ Eva Dias... E quem seria esse? Esperemos que os 4%.
Apr 16th 2018 18:10   
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