Does Social Bookmarking have any impact on SEO ?

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Devesh Chauhan Professional   seo expert, digital marketing, wordpress developer
Definitely social bookmarking has a lot effect in SEO. Social bookmarking is one of the top three link building strategies. You will be able to improve your website’s Google ranking by improving your link popularity through social bookmarking. Social bookmarking brings about numerous benefits to your website and this article will benefits all the primary and secondary benefits of social bookmarking. It'll help your site for better crawling and indexing. Although these are not Followed links but links from trusted and and authorized site. Which will help you to increase your site's Trust flow.
Many people can have different opinion but if you ask me this is one of the strategies that is obsolete to a good extent. There are few good bookmarking websites like Reddit, Stumbleupon and more but they are probably there to give you some extra traffic. I mean stumbleupon can sure give you good amount of traffic but what that traffic actually worth? Go to analytics and you will find that the bounce rate of stumbleupon is sometime as high as 95%. Whats the use of a traffic that came in with the intention to bounce without spending a minute on your website. Reddit give you good traffic if your content have viral ingredients, if not there is no point of you submitting your story on reddit. Also, there are some worthless (I would say dangerous) social bookmarking site that get links from all bad neighborhood and they sometimes have the ability to ruin your website reputation in search engine and you can see a decline in rankings after that.
Sep 20th 2017 08:40 


Paritosh Sharan Junior  Professional NLP trainer and OD consultent
Yes social bookmarking is an important activity of off-page seo with the help of social bookmarking you get backlinks, traffic and get index your site quickly
Aug 29th 2017 01:00   
Isabella Jones Advanced  Internet and Technical Executive
Of course Social bookmarking has a huge impact on Seo, From social bookmarking, you will get the unique users, traffic and best method to promote
Aug 29th 2017 01:28   
Aarti A. Junior  Health Care Expert
Yes, An important concept of offpage seo.
Aug 29th 2017 02:05   
James Smith Junior  Passionate Technical Writer
Yes this may help you to get increased ranking as it is a part of off page SEO.
Aug 29th 2017 02:55   
Rajesh Galgalikar Advanced   For Better Packaging Solution
Yes, social Bookmarking Still effective to do off page activity.
Aug 29th 2017 03:47   
Piyali Shil Advanced  Seo executive
Yes ,Social bookmarking is one of the widely used activity to improve indexing and keywords ranking indirectly. Social Bookmarking has a strong impact on SEO. It helps to build back-links and increase website traffic.
Aug 29th 2017 03:52   
Najam Sg Advanced  SEO Analyst
Yes, Social media bookmarking will help increase in conversion
Aug 29th 2017 05:38   
Harry Wilson Advanced  Softwate Developer
Yes, Social media bookmarking will help increase in conversion and get soon ranking in search engine.
Aug 29th 2017 06:15   
Edwin Smith Advanced  Technical Customer Service
Yes ,off course Its effects on seo work
Aug 29th 2017 06:30   
Emily k. Innovator  Technical Support
Yes off course, the social bookmarking is very useful activity for get backlinks fastly. This activity create high traffic for your website and make elevation rank .
Aug 29th 2017 10:27   
Ente G. Advanced  LED lighting for sale
It depends its quality.
Aug 30th 2017 04:50   
Kem Medi White Innovator  Nơi phân phối mỹ phẩm Medi White chính hãng!
Still working if someone clicks
Aug 30th 2017 05:22   
Narendra Kumar Advanced   Wordpresss Developer
Pls check my website and suggest for design and layout and seo
Aug 30th 2017 13:37   
Marie Adela Senior  Network marketing
yes, social bookmarking has a strong impact on SEO
Aug 31st 2017 01:18   
Minh Lưu Junior  Tư vấn nữ giới
i think Its effects on seo work, i always do it
Aug 31st 2017 02:37   
Ember Lily Advanced  We repair any Sash
Yes,, its important in SEo, you can create backlinks and generate enough traffic on your site
Aug 31st 2017 04:10   
Kyra Ana Advanced   Digital marketing Agency
Yes, But only High Authority SBM is impact on your traffic not on rankings.
digg and etc
these sites are generated traffic to your website.

Sep 1st 2017 01:42   
Rahul Singh Innovator  I Like Writting
Defiantly its help to improve Keywords Position.
Sep 1st 2017 04:56   
The Signature Leaf Junior  The Signature Leaf - Guest House Near Sohna Road G
Yes social bookmarking have a very positive impact on SEO to get backlinks and traffic. Social bookmarking sites helps to share files, documents, research paper or other multimedia files from social media networking sites.You can easily share and promote your content or business via social bookmarking.
Sep 1st 2017 07:26   
Arjun Kaushik Committed  SEO Experts
Yes, social Bookmarking Still effective to do off page activity.
Sep 2nd 2017 02:03   
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