Do you mind paying for apps or do you just use free ones for your mobile devices?

Asked by Helder Ventura, in Communications


Tacry J. Innovator  Auto Diagnostic Tool
Usually,I use free APP,but in some situation I would like to pay for APP
Jun 27th 2017 21:06   
Power Max Innovator  Manager
No. Why should i pay if i already have better options for free use.
Jun 28th 2017 01:04   
Hafiz 34 Professional   Doctor
What I search for, most of the free apps are enough for meeting those criteria. So, no, I don't pay for apps
Jun 28th 2017 04:33   
Franto Hruz Magnate I   Offer Value - Build a Team
Don't you have a nice photo instead? Here is the special gift I have for you ....
Jun 28th 2017 10:43   
Kalvin S. Advanced  Cyber Security Expert
I always Go for free otherwise I download from black market
Jun 30th 2017 03:36   
faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
There are enough free apps out there, and enough apps you can get PAID to download and install, that there is no reason to buy an app.
Jul 2nd 2017 17:26   
Marius Wlassak Magnate I   Business Media Consultant
Paying for apps is completely out. You have everything you need for free.
Jul 4th 2017 07:27   
Evelyn Sherman Freshman  Perfect Hair Guide
I suggest you to use free apps if you can. Or you can use paid apps but freely by searching on the internet.
Jul 20th 2017 00:55   
Huawei_Consumer India Innovator  Make it Possible
Suggest you to use free apps if possible.
Mar 16th 2018 03:01   
Buscoby Don Committed   Dancehall Artiste
I tend to use a lot of FREE apps. However, I do purchase apps when they have specific features that I'm in need of.
Apr 29th 2018 21:43   
Abdou Sani Boukari Magnate II   Consultant
Franto Hruz, it is not the photo which counts. It is the knowledge sharing and the humbleness to accept others (their views, their appearance, etc...). You are mad!
Apr 29th 2018 22:31   
Ake J. Advanced  BringluckToday
no apps at all the time for apps are gone time for new more profitable stuff
May 1st 2018 02:09   
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