Do you like the job that you do at the moment?

Asked by Hui Fang, in Career
There are so many jobs in the world ,what king of job are you doing ?Do you like it ?Tell me about it .


Dave Chan Advanced  Consultant
A little boring but still have to do.
Jul 11th 2017 04:55   
Hui Fang Innovator  snow
Yes,I think too,this is life,do you think so ?
Jul 11th 2017 05:08   
David Nguyen Advanced   Premier loans Canada
Yes, Its was my dream to get that position one day
Jul 11th 2017 07:16   
Sylvia Guillemette Senior  Publisher, Advertiser, Writer
When I first started it was fun, and I could do a lot, but there have been so many changes and a lot of them affect my customers. I've made mention of the problems to the higher ups, but I'm only the person on the bottom of the barrel, so things go unheard a lot of times. There is also a switch-over going on in the business part of it right now, so who knows how things will be...
It's why I'm working on doing what I love to do and will create the business of my dreams and help others to achieve theirs.
Jul 11th 2017 15:58   
Exam Good Advanced  consultant
Yes, it is life. No good idea expect change myself.
Jul 12th 2017 04:28   
Hui Fang Innovator  snow
The life can't change ,but we can change ourselves to fit it ,I believe that we can get what we want one day!
Jul 12th 2017 05:00   
Hui Fang Innovator  snow
Yes,I think so ,do what you like to do is really good ,you can try you best to do it ,and also you can do your best .In this way you can enoy your business and you can help others ,that is really good and meaningful!
Jul 12th 2017 05:06   
Demand power india Senior  
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Jul 12th 2017 07:29   
Brian Miller Advanced  Article writer
I suppose that I manage to tolerate the job I currently I have, but I sure as hell do not enjoy it, especially since it's a temporary one, but money must be procured from somewhere...
Jul 13th 2017 02:50   
Hui Fang Innovator  snow
er,that sounds bad you don't enjoy your job ,but come on,don't give up,you will do what you like one day!
Jul 13th 2017 04:47   
William Klein Advanced  SEO
little bit boaring..have to do..
Jul 13th 2017 07:11   
Christina Lawrence Advanced  Software and Hardware Support
Quite boring because I am doing the same work nothing is new
Jul 13th 2017 07:51   
Jasmin Arya Innovator  SEO executive
Not really, I want it to continue because it is quite boring
Jul 19th 2017 02:16   
Dave Chan Advanced  Consultant
Work long time and find it's boring. But we still have to do. This is life.
Aug 10th 2017 23:54   
job poket Innovator  Consultant
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Aug 11th 2017 01:39   
Katrina Lucy Advanced   Multimedia Software
I like ny job now, want to get higher work skill.
Oct 16th 2017 05:50   
Mike Metsan Innovator  Web Approach
Social Media will create ample jobs in near future.
Dec 15th 2017 05:37   
Karl P. Advanced  Mobile App Developer
I am boring, but no more chance to work on job
Dec 16th 2017 02:30   
Po Ki Professional  Affiliate business
Yes,but I have many options for fun and exciting advance trought online challenge!
Feb 17th 2018 23:00   
Justin J. Committed    ***
I love my job...Helping to spread the adoption of bitcoin and blockchain technology!
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Jul 22nd 2018 12:50   
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